Your Love Will Lead Them Home

March 31, 2015

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10, NLT

If someone was lost and in need of directions, the last thing you would tell them is, “Why are you lost!? Don’t you own a map!?” It is rude to talk this way to someone who is having trouble getting to their destination. Likewise, it is rude to say to a lost soul, “Why are you lost and living such a sinful lifestyle!?

If it wasn’t for Jesus and His abundant grace and mercy, we would all still be lost, looking for anything and anyone to satisfy the desires and cravings of our flesh.

Every saint remembers that person that loved them when they were a dirty sinner. Every true woman or man of God can recall vividly that special someone that God sent into their lives at the right time to look past their sin and love them.

We have been given the ministry of reconciliation, not the ministry of humiliation, judgement and condemnation.

God is saying today: “I want to know will you let Me work through you to win My creation back to Me? Will you let Me love them through you? You are the only one they see. You are My hands and you are My feet in the earth. Don’t you see it is My will that none perish, but that all will come to know Me and My love. Yes, your spouse. I desire to save him. Your child. I desire to place them on a firm foundation. Your parent. Your old friend. I long to receive them into My arms, but I need you to not criticize them for being lost. My love covers their multitude of sins. Didn’t I wash you clean? Do I forgive your wrong? Haven’t I blessed you with newness of life? As I’ve loved you, now you must go and tell those precious lost souls that I’m calling them to come home to Me.”

Prayer: Yes, Father God. I hear you and I receive your instructions. Help me to never forget it. In Jesus name. Amen.


His grace is like rain.

March 30, 2015

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9, NKJV

As rain comes down from the sky, so does the grace of our Father in Heaven. Rain, at first, when falling from the sky, seems cold and hard to see in. It is hard to focus when there is a downpour. After it has watered the earth, it nourishes and helps to yield abundant crops and so much more. Rain is necessary for growth.

In relation, Jesus came down from His throne, shed His blood, and was crucified. He gave His life willingly and obediently so that we could have an abundant life in Him. Today, I have come to realize, through different seasons, downpours of trials, and tribulations with Him in this amazing relationship, His grace is always sufficient. It is through these times He is able to nourish and help us to grow into all He has called us to be for His kingdom.

All those times I felt weak, hopeless, and unworthy, that was when I was able to look up and humbly ask for my Father’s help to do what I could not do. Each day I am learning more to ask, and receive the grace that is freely available to me at all times. God desires our heart. He has never intended for us to take or make this journey alone. He will never leave nor ever forsake us. Even when we turn our backs on Him time and time again, as I have, He is still there with His arms open wide beckoning us to receive the life we were always meant to have and live through His Son Jesus Christ. Today, my weaknesses are my Father’s strengths. Today, I am strong in Him. Apart from Him I can do nothing. He is the “Divine Vine” that pours down His grace like rain on me. Look to Him and receive the true riches and blessings of The King of Kings.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your grace that enables me to go out and give hope to others. You are an awesome God. I pray all who read this will be strengthened by you and start to submit and surrender all they have just to know you in a deeper way. In Jesus name I pray.