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“But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.” Psalm 3:3 ESV
“I love you, My child. Do not fret. I am with you, wherever you go. I am with you now. I am with you there in the distance where you are going. I am with you in the journey. I am speaking to you. Are you listening? Open your heart to this truth. I am with you. There is nothing to fear. There is nothing in your way. Run through it. Run through the mountain. It is only a figment of your imagination. My truth is your reality. Cast down vain repetitions and loud imaginations! Cast them down and speak the authority of Jesus over them! Rise up and shine as you long to! I am here shining. You just need to reflect Me. I have never stopped shining. Lift up your weary head. I see your tear stained face and it is as beautiful to me as it ever was. I see you and I know you. I am holding you even now. I am cradling you in love. I am rocking you into rest. Rest in Me. Rest in Me. I am going nowhere. I am never leaving. I am never leaving. I am never leaving. I will tell you as many times as I must, in as many ways as I need. I will tell you again and again unto eternity. I am never, ever leaving you. You are not alone. You are never, ever alone. Rest. Rest in Me. I am here.”
Prayer: Father, thank You. Holy Spirit, thank You for comforting me. Thank You for encouraging me. Thank You for sustaining me. Thank You for counseling me. Thank You for never leaving nor forsaking me, my Lord, my God. Thank You for always loving me. I am so grateful, so blessed, so overjoyed that You are always with me. I don’t deserve Your steadfast love, but You continue to show me that You aren’t going anywhere. I can’t earn Your faithfulness, but You continue to show me that You are always faithful nonetheless. You continue to show me Your character and I am in awe of Who You are. I am so blessed to be Your daughter. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
(Read Jeremiah 23:23; Deuteronomy 20:4; Psalm 136:23)

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