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“You have laid the hurting hearts of women at My feet. You have said pick them up and bring them to the cross for Me. For they are weak, and when you were weak I held you close and never let you go. For I made you for this purpose. You DO have a calling on your life. You DO have a purpose. You will move out and become who I designed you to be. I am going to use you to change hearts for Me. It has been your destiny. The loneliness and regret, the anguish and the torment, the abandonment and rejection, the loss and desertion, the tears you cried alone, the fears you fought alone, they will not be wasted. Your faith has been tested, and these will be your weapons in distress. You will remember how far I have brought you, how much I have taught you, and you will carry with you a badge of compassion that far exceeds your own ration. Because there are others in this world who have only tasted defeat and deceit, it is now your job to go out and meet them head on. Speak the truth in love. Tell them to hold on, hold onto hope, hold onto faith, to just wait and taste and see that the Lord is good! Show them how to take refuge in Me. Show them there is joy there in Me. Represent me well. Don’t enlist your soul to Hell. Speak Heavenly words of truth and love and I will set you far above and set you and yours apart. I will overwhelm you with My love and hold you close to My heart. I have chosen you to become a contributing saint. Don’t look away. Don’t pretend to faint. I use the foolish things of the world to stump the wise, and thunder My truth to blinded eyes! There are those who can’t see it, those who can’t feel it, but to Me they still listen, they are still trying to hear it, attempting to hear a word of clarity amongst the fear, strife and tragedy. Words matter. Place them on the table before you on a platter of love and affection. Throw away condemnation and rejection. Rid your judgement and your hate. My Word is the key to your freedom, and your words will resonate into the caverns of death and darkness, filth and disease, anguish and hopelessness, despair and greed, remorse and regret, unforgiveness and hate. It is your time. Time to state that My Love in fact gives life and health back, healing and hope to those hanging by a rope. It gives purpose and forgiveness and righteousness for those who have been lost in prideful selfishness, without condemnation or punishment. I will replenish your life and will restore hope and love. I have set those apart who place Me above all other names. No more playing games. It is time for Kingdom business.. It is time to disciple and witness. I will make it so, says the Lord.”

(Read Isaiah 61:1-3; 1 Corinthians 1:27; Isaiah 62:12; John 15:16)


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