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“My sweet daughter, it is time for you to let go. Time for you to see that I am your Abba, your Father. I want only for you to rest and find peace in this moment. I long for you to open your eyes and see the green pastures before you. Lay down in that pasture, child. Lay down. Greater love has no one than this – that they lay their life down for their friends. Daughter, am I not your friend? Do you not want to lay down all your efforts, your striving, your performance – and rest? I want your burdens to be lifted. I am willing to carry them. I don’t want for you to walk another step yoked to this world. Daughter, yoke yourself to me. Work alongside me. You can find rest for your soul when you hear what I am saying to you. Stop all your trying harder, your performing better. I do not change like shifting shadows. I love you the same whether you are performing up to the best standard, or if you are faltering and making one wrong choice after another. I love you the same whether you are walking in a season of plenty or a season of need. You are my daughter. I long for you to pause and rest. The green pasture that is before you is within your own heart. Stop and rest sweet girl. Stop looking for the next big thing you need to do for me. Have you not heard? Do you not understand who I am and what I can do? I want to be your strength in your weakness child. But until you can recognize your weakness and bring it to me, I will wait patiently. I love you. I love you so much that I laid my life down for you. If you choose to lay your life down for me, then you will find true life.”

(Read Matthew 11:28; Psalm 23; John 15:13; James 1:17)

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