A message from God’s Heart for you

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“…your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly” Matthew 6:4, NKJV.

“I will reward openly what you’ve done in secret. I see your secret walk before Me, and I will reward you openly. When I do, no one will have anything to say about it. Their only response will be, surely God’s hand is on her life. Surely God is with her. Surely He has blessed her. Don’t you see? I see in secret. In your hiding place, I hear your hidden requests, your secret prayers, your secret whispers in the night. I know you My child and what you’ve done in secret has been seen by heaven, and I will respond. All of My Kingdom and My angelic host has seen your secret walk, stance, words, prayers, petitions, tears, and faith, and there will be a divine response from all of Me. It will be undeniable. My love for you is undeniable. My hand on your life is undeniable. Look at the caterpillar. While in a cocoon it soon turns into a butterfly. You are wrapped in Me, and I am covering you gently. Be patient with My process and you will turn into what I’ve predestined you to be. I am doing a work in secret that will produce great things openly for you. This can’t be rushed and it can’t be hurried. All will see what I see so plainly in you, that you are truly called by Me, loved by Me, a beautiful and blessed flower in My garden and a sweet praise to Me. Says the Lord Who made you.”

Prayer: Father, you know my heart. You know my love. You know my fight of faith. You know my tears. You know my waiting. Thank you for seeing my secret walk with you and rewarding me openly. In you I’m safe. In you I’m changed. In you I’m made new. I’m hooked on your love. Let it be as you’ve spoken. Love, Your Daughter

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