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“You spend so much of your time and energy blessing others, it’s time I bless you. It’s time for you to receive from Me and enjoy what I have in store for you My Daughter. I am your God and I am good, not only to others, but to you also. I long to bless you, I long to provide for you, deliver you and show you My glory. My grace abounds toward you now. Receive. Receive. Receive. You have found favor in My eyes and I have commanded the blessing for you. It will not stop until it overtakes you, your children and children’s children. No one will be able to deny that My hand is on your life. As you honor Me, I am honoring you. Receive My love. Receive My grace. Receive My wisdom. Receive My calling on your life. Receive My anointing to get it done. Keep on receiving from Me. I am abundant in everything you need. I will make rivers in your deserts. I will straighten every crooked place. I will fill everything that’s lacking. I will bring every high thing low in submission to Me. I am blessing you now. I’m tearing away old garments from your past and I am crowning you with My love and My righteousness. Oh how beautiful you are to Me. Let Me bless you, let Me dress you, let Me enrich you. Receive it all and refuse nothing that I have to give you. My blessings are mine to give and I choose whom I choose. And I have chosen you. Says the Lord.”

Prayer: Father God, You have touched my heart today. Thank You. I receive Your love. I receive Your abundant grace. I receive Your calling on my life. I receive Your anointing to get it done. I receive YOU. I love You with everything in me and I can’t wait to see You and cast my crown at Your feet one day. You are so worthy. Receive my worship and receive my love. I Love You.

(Read Psalms 84:11)


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