A message from the heart of God for you…

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“I am moving by My Spirit and by My power. Move with Me. If I take off like a rocket, don’t stand still in fear. Take off with Me. I will cause your walk to turn into a pace and your pace to turn into a run. Every person you leaned on in confidence to hold you up, will be removed from under your hands. I am He that upholds you with My right hand. I am your salvation and your great deliverance. Place your whole and entire confidence on me. Entrust your entire well-being into My care. And you will see what great things we will do together for My glory. You will see that I won’t let you fall. You will see that I provide your every need and cause men to give unto you. Let Me be your strength and your confidence. Let Me revive My purpose in you. Let Me have My way so that I can reach those I have called you to reach.”

(See John 7:38; John 14:12; Psalm 146:3; Philippians 3:3)

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