A Note From the Founder

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Dear Readers, when God had me start this ministry, I wanted to encourage unity and one way I was led to do that was by not stating which writer wrote what. This idea blessed our team to develop a beautiful spirit of unity that has been the bedrock of this ministry. I’ve seen a spirit of competition hinder growth and destroy ministries before and I was determined not to let that happen to this precious work of God. So we chose anonymity. This was great in the infant stages of this ministry, but we’re in a new stage of growth. Since then, God has added to our team gifted writers with pure hearts and right motives, who don’t care about who gets the credit. I desire to honor our amazing writers by placing their names next to their devotional. I believe as we move forward you will continue to honor our writers too by reading every devotional released no matter who writes it. God is the true author and the writers are the mere “pen”, and the vessels He uses to get His messages through. I love you all dearly and I pray God blesses you richly.

Kesha Trippett

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