A Soldier In His Army

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A Soldier In His Army

“(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)” 2 Corinthians 10:4

In college, I was given the nickname “Soldier”. It wasn’t because I was military-bound, but because God had put me on a mission to impact as many lives on that college campus as I could for His glory.  Even as a young teen I knew who my God was and who the enemy was. I knew my authority in Christ and I knew that I was a winner through Him. Every time a friend or associate called me “Soldier” it further affirmed who God had made me to be—a soldier in His army. Now, those college days are long gone, but my assignment in God’s Kingdom hasn’t changed. I am still a soldier for the Lord. So are you. You are a soldier in Christ. You may have never fought in the armed forces, but in the spirit, you are in intense spiritual warfare. The only way you can walk in your spiritual authority and win is by staying in the spirit, realizing God is a spirit and so is the enemy.  War in the spirit, not in the flesh. Put on the armor of Jesus. It is not you the enemy is afraid of, it’s the mighty Spirit of God within you.  No stronghold is mightier than Him. No bondage is mightier than Him. No adversary is mightier than Him. No situation is mightier than your God. Love the person that comes against you, and see the spirit that is operating behind them, and go to war in the spirit against it. Fighting people in the flesh never gets the results God is looking for. God is not looking for an argument to be won between you and someone else. He’s looking for every evil spirit you encounter to be subdued by the power and authority of Jesus. He’s not looking for you to die for Him, Jesus already did that. He is looking for you to live in Him. Be a soldier for Your God and walk in His Spirit.

Prayer:  Father, You are my God and I am a soldier in Your army.  I choose to stand and fight for You.  I receive Your assignment for my life and by Your strength and power, I will do what You have put me here to do. I receive the help of Your Holy Spirit to stay in the spirit and fight in Your army.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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