A Special Prayer For You

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Father God, I take a moment to pray for Your daughter who is reading this. Lord she belongs to You and You are hers. You have called her out and have consecrated her for Your use. You have worked in and through her life and she has seen for herself that You are real. Now she has reached a place where she needs You more now than ever. Lord, I pray with everything in me that You fill every valley, every ditch and every lacking place in her. Fill her Lord with Your fulness, with Your love and with Your Spirit. Cause any mountain, any hill and any high thing that is trying to exalt itself against the knowledge of Your will to be brought low and into submission of You. Cause anything crooked and out of the way to be made straight in her. Cause any area in her heart and mind that’s rough to be made smooth. Have your way in and through her. Flow in and through her. You promised Lord that out of her belly shall flow rivers of living waters. I pray those living rivers will minister health and life to her, and bring health and life to her surroundings. Be glorified in her Lord in a mighty way and make her a true testament of Your grace and love. Your Word is forever settled in heaven and I pray Your Word is forever settled in her mind and heart. May it settle every issue in her thoughts and bring supernatural peace to her now. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

(Read Luke 3:4-6; John 7:38; Psalm 119:89)

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