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“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28, ESV.

Years ago I came across a sales ad where a woman was trying to sell her furniture for a very low price in order to pay her rent. She had small children and was trying to avoid being evicted from her apartment. As soon as I saw the ad I spoke to my husband about being a blessing to her. So we called the number on the ad and told her, “We do not want your furniture, we just want to help you pay your rent.” She couldn’t believe it. Her rent had to be paid the next morning so I told her to not sell her furniture and that we would come by first thing in the morning and take care of her bill. She had to trust me. The next morning we kept our word and went and took care of her rent and also bought food for her family. She couldn’t thank God and us enough. Before we left, she admitted that everyone told her she was crazy for trusting strangers to keep a promise. She confessed she had stayed up all night and couldn’t sleep. She was too worried if whether we would do what we said.

It was good that she didn’t listen to the people around her calling her crazy. It was also good that she didn’t sell her furniture out of fear. If she had, she would’ve missed out on a great blessing. However, it wasn’t good that she stayed up all night worrying.

Hear what I’m about to say to you and never forget it…

Not only does it matter to God that we receive His promises. It matters equally to Him how we receive. Just as I would’ve preferred for that woman to get some sleep the night before, God wants us to rest in Him before He manifests anything in our lives.

Our faith is what pleases God, and a great indicator that we are in faith is not only our acts of obedience, but our resting in Him. Before He heals you of cancer, saves your children, brings your husband back home, helps you avoid foreclosure, or helps you do something you’ve never done…before He manifests anything in your life…make a quality decision today that you will rest in Him. It will please Him greatly.

Prayer: Yes, my Father God, I hear You clearly. Thank You for Your faithfulness. I need You to come through for me and my family like never before, so I will trust You like never before. I choose to rest in Your love and Your grace. No matter how crazy I look or sound to people, I will trust You to do everything You’ve promised me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Psalms 37:3-7)

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