A Word from the Lord for you

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“I am removing all distractions from your life. Yes, I am removing all hindering spirits from your life. There will be no more delays. I am causing you to be propelled forward into My purpose and plan. I am causing you to embrace your calling. You are empowered by Me to prosper in everything you put your hands to. As you move in Me, you will think clearly. You will see clearly. You will speak clearly. Your feet will walk in the path that I have set before you and you will fulfill My holy calling. Says the Lord.”

(Read Acts 28:31; 2 Timothy 1:9; Psalms 37:23)

One thought on “A Word from the Lord for you

  1. God bless you all for your encouraging devotionals. Today’s devotional also lifted me up. I’ve Dealt with a lot of health issues and setbacks in my life mainly due to my health. I also think if God doesn’t want us to go down a certain path he may raise up a brick wall in front of us. But as I read that hindering spirits will be removed and there will be no more delays…it gave me hope.



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