Answering the Call- Nehemiah’s Commission

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Answering the Call- Nehemiah’s Commission


“Give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man. I was cupbearer to the king. “(Nehemiah 1:11)

Nehemiah was not any great religious leader when he felt the need to act. He was not a great political leader. He was a cupbearer. Many of us will never stand behind a podium or come from families of greatness, but that’s not important to God. He is looking for a vessel that’s available and ready for use. He is looking for someone who will look out at her context and see the need for a spiritual revival and step out to do something about it. He used a shepherd boy to kill an experience army general; he used a stuttering man to deliver a nation; he used a dreamer to save a nation and his family; he used a donkey to speak to a prophet. Your position does not matter. He is looking for someone who will listen for the call and say “Yes Lord”. Are you this person?

The prophet says “Lord we delight in revering you so listen to our prayer.” He calls on God to give him success as he prepares to speak with the king. God can give you favor with any man as long as you walk according to his purpose. My Sisters, the promises of God are real and they are true. God promises to bless you and lift you up if you obey him- despite fear.

God used Ananias to heal Saul, a man known for being a man who persecuted and even killed Christians. He must have heard countless stories of horrendous things Saul had done to Christians in the region. But still, he obeyed. And thank goodness he did! Because of Ananias’ obedience, God gave Saul back his sight and changed his heart. Saul (whose name was later changed to Paul) went on to become a major Christian force and in turn, wrote much of the New Testament.

What is God asking you to do?


O Lord my God, I repent of my disobedience Give me courage and boldness to walk in obedience to your Word. Help me to patiently wait upon you. Let your Word build my faith in you. Give me hearing ears, seeing eyes and a heart willing to obey you always. In Jesus name I pray.

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