Cast Your Cares

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Cast Your Cares

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

What is a care? It is anything you are overly concerned about. There are many people who get in the ditch about this subject. They either don’t care at all about anything, or they care way too much about everything. God didn’t tell us not to care at all or to not think about things. You should care about whom you marry, you should care about your children’s safety, you should care about the foods you put into your body, where you go to church, how you handle your money, and your overall emotional, mental and physical health. You should care about these things and make the best decisions you can make regarding them. When we get in trouble is when we have done everything we know to do and we begin to care about things we can’t do anything about. When you get over into doing God’s job and worrying about things you can’t control, that’s when the red flag should go up, and you stop and throw your hands up and say to yourself, “I’m not worrying about this another minute. I cast my cares on the Lord!” You can raise your children the best you know how and set them up for success, but if they choose to go and live like a heathen, you can’t do anything about that. Give them to God by casting that care on the Lord. You can do everything you know to do regarding your marriage, but if your husband tells you he’s leaving, you can’t do anything to make him stay. Give your marriage to God and cast your cares on Him. You can do everything you know to do regarding your health, but ultimately God is your Healer and your Great Physician. Give your health to God and cast your care on Him. You can bend over backwards for people and do more than what’s required of a friend, but if they want to go and befriend someone else and treat you as though you did nothing, give it to God and cast that care on Him. GOD CARES FOR YOU! He cares about every detail of your life. And if He never sleeps or slumbers, that means it is okay for you to get some sleep. There’s no sense in staying up worrying about situations you can’t do anything about. When you have done all you know to do, let God do what only He can do. Cast all your cares on the Lord.

Prayer: Oh Lord thank You. You care so much for me. I’m not going to waste another minute caring about things I can’t do anything about. I’ve done all I know to do, and now I cast all of my cares on You for You care for me. You love me. I put my trust in You regarding every area of my life. I now command my body to chill out and my nerves to relax. I receive peace of mind and the comfort of Your Holy Ghost. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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