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Get through it together.

April 7, 2019

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:57

Years ago after an argument, I told my husband, I was leaving. I went to the closet and started packing a suitcase. He came over to me and said, “Where are you going?” I told him, “I’m leaving. I can’t take this anymore.” We had been struggling for a long time and I was tired. As I stuffed clothes in my suitcase, he looked at me and said, “We got in this mess together and we’re getting out of it together.”

I unpacked with tears.

The greatest marriages you admire all have their stories of how they made it through sickness, financial crisis, job layoffs, family issues, baby momma drama, loss of loved ones and the list goes on. These relationships have gone through the ups and downs of life, but they got through it together.

I’m glad I unpacked that suitcase years ago because the good days are so much sweeter when you’re with the one that stuck with you through the bad days.

No matter what you face, the Lord will cause you to triumph in everything.

Prayer: Thank you Father, for the encouragement. Thank you for helping me not to give up on my marriage when things get tough. You are faithful. You will see us through every problem we face. Help us to see past what’s in front of us to what you have waiting for us. You will bring us through victoriously because you are good. Help us to get on one accord and get before your face and your word. Be glorified in my marriage Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read 2 Corinthians 2:14-15; Psalms 84:11; Psalm 66:12)


You're not an orphan. You're a daughter of the King!

April 6, 2019

“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

I have talked with many women who struggle in their relationship with God because deep down they feel as though He doesn’t love them as much as He loves others. They struggle with their identity in Christ because of the painful experiences they’ve had in life. Instead of feeling like daughters of the King, they feel like orphans—rejected, abandoned and unwanted. They live their lives unable to confidently call on their Father God, and unable to fully walk in their identity and purpose in Him.

We’ve all been there.

That’s why it is my deep longing that we recognize that we have already received the Spirit of adoption, and we can cry out with confidence, “Abba, Father”. “Abba” is a term that expresses warm affection and filial confidence. It’s not something we randomly say to someone. Only a son or daughter can say, Abba. Only a child of God can approach His throne of grace boldly and receive mercy and find grace to help them in their time of need.

For this reason, this ministry was born, hoping that one day the light bulb will come on and we will no longer see ourselves as orphans—rejected, abandoned, and unwanted, but as God’s beloved and chosen daughters, grafted into His Vine, and brought near by the precious blood of Jesus. We are accepted into His family—flaws and all. And as daughters of the King, we can cry out with confidence, “Abba, Father!”

Prayer: Abba, Father! I cry out to you! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for wanting me. Thank you for choosing me. I declare I have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear. I have received the Spirit of adoption, and Father I receive your unfailing love for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Romans 8:14-17; Ephesians 2:13)


A real sister won't judge you.

April 5, 2019

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” James 5:16, New Living Translation.

The fear of being judged can cause us to not open up like we should.

After opening up about an issue that I had held onto for fear of being judged or preached at, a friend told me, “Why are you acting like you’re alone? You’re not alone! I deal with the same thing and God is working on me too.” That blessed me and was not the response I thought I would hear. We then talked further about our fears and insecurities, and by the end of the conversation we were both laughing, crying and bringing our hearts to the Lord in prayer. It was a beautiful moment. If I would have closed my heart from sharing honestly with her, I would have missed an opportunity to grow closer with my sister and dear friend.

The closeness you desire in your relationships is found in your openness and honesty. Be careful not to assume that your sister in Christ will respond negatively to your pain or problems. A real sister won’t judge you or put you down. She’ll provide love and comfort. She’ll remind you that she is also still being conformed to the image of Jesus and are being worked on just like you.

Be a real sister to someone, and let someone be a real sister to you. A real sister and friend won’t judge you.

Prayer: I praise You Father God and I thank You for speaking directly to my heart. I know I’m not alone in the things I face. You said you will deliver me from all my fears. Deliver me Lord from the fear of rejection. You love me and so does the people you’ve placed in my life. Help me remember that when it comes time to open up about what I’m dealing with. Help me to be a real sister and show me how to let others be a real sister to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Psalm 34:4; Romans 8:29; Ephesians 2:4)


Cut it off! Pluck it out!

April 4, 2019

“…but I say to you that everyone who [so much as] looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye makes you stumble and leads you to sin, tear it out and throw it away [that is, remove yourself from the source of temptation]; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. If your right hand makes you stumble and leads you to sin, cut it off and throw it away [that is, remove yourself from the source of temptation]; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body than for your whole body to go into hell” Matthew 5:28-30, Amplified.

My sister, if you have a friendship in your life that has become a source of temptation for you, you’re going to have to cut it off and remove yourself from that friendship. Anyone that takes you off the course God has you on, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they have to go! Jesus had strong words for us concerning this very thing. He said, if your right eye makes you stumble and leads you to sin, tear it out and throw it away [that is, remove yourself from the source of temptation]; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.”

Cut it off! Pluck it out! Those are strong words that reflect God’s attitude about sin. He’s saying don’t play around with it. Nothing’s worth you losing an eternal life with the Father. Anyone that is not leading you toward a growing relationship with the Lord, but is taking you down a road that is destructive, is not good for you. Anyone that influences you to behave out of character, is not good for you. Anyone that makes you want to sin instead of want to please God, it is not good for you to have a close and personal relationship with them.

It’s best to lose one friend than lose your eternal life with God.

Prayer: Father God, you and I both know what I struggle with. Help me to not play around with sin. I want to glorify you with my life. And if that means I have to remove myself from some relationships that aren’t good for me, then so be it. Strengthen me Lord and help me make wise decisions in my relationships. Bless me Lord with friends that are good for me and who influence me to do what’s pleasing to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
(Study 1 Corinthians 15:33; Proverbs 13:20)


What do you really want from the Lord?

April 3, 2019

“In her bitter distress, Hannah prayed to the LORD and wept with many tears. And she made a vow, pleading, “O LORD of Hosts, if only You will look upon the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, not forgetting Your maidservant but giving her a son, then I will dedicate him to the LORD all the days of his life, and no razor shall ever come over his head” 1 Samuel 1:10-11, Berean Study Bible.

What do you really want from the Lord? What do you really want to see Him do? The candle of the Lord searches our hearts. The Holy Spirit sees our innermost desires. So why do we spend time talking to God about everything else? If only we can learn to pray from our hearts and ask the Lord for what we really want to see Him do. We would see great healing, great deliverance, great provision and great manifestation of His glory in our lives.

It’s time to put an end to surface prayers. It’s time to search your heart for what it is you really desire to see God do in your life. What are you tired of envisioning, but never truly attaining? For Hannah, it was to have a child of her own. For you, it maybe something else, but all of us have something we really desire from Him. Our prayers must go beneath the surface into the deep places of our heart. I believe this is when our prayer becomes fervent, active and full–availing much. I believe God loves to meet us in prayer at the table of our deepest desires. Take a moment to ask yourself:

1. What is my deepest longing?
2. What desire I haven’t spoken to anyone concerning, and only God knows?
3. What does the enemy provoke my about?
4. What have I envisioned for years, but have yet to attain?

Now, pray and talk to God about that desire right there. Find Scripture that supports that desire of your heart.

(Read Matthew 7:7-8; Psalm 37:4; Mark 11:24)


A Message from God's Heart for You

April 2, 2019

“…For love is as strong as death, its jealousy as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it” Song of Solomon 8:6-7, New Living Translation.

“Be reminded of who I am within you. Remember, My daughter, who I am within you and that nothing shall be impossible for you when you believe. I have put My fire within you and no one can put it out. It cannot be quenched. My love within you is stronger than death. Many waters cannot quench My love. It is unfailing. It is unfailing. It is unfailing. My Spirit within you continues to burn through the night. It will burn while in the storm, and as you walk through the day. I am set it place within you like a candle. You will become more ablaze. Consumed with Me and My love. I have placed the gift of My Spirit within you, and nothing will be able to stand in your way. No evil will be able to penetrate through to your heart where My love abides. I protect the fire that burns you within you. I cover it with My hands. Yes, you are covered by Me. You are a little fire, but you will become a great flame for My glory. I breathe on you now, a fresh wind from every direction. And you will love with My love, in every direction.”

(Read Mark 9:23; Proverbs 20:27; Psalm 91:4; Job 32:8; Job 33:4)


A Special Prayer for You

April 1, 2019

Father God, I pray with all my heart for your daughter reading this right now. I pray you give her the eyes of Jesus. Help her to see people with your eyes. Help her to see people’s need for you and not their sin. Give her the ears of Jesus. Help her to hear what people aren’t saying, more than what they are saying. Give her the heart of Jesus. Help her to genuinely love people and be patient with their growth. Give her the mind of Jesus. Help her perceive situations right. Give her the hands of Jesus. Help her to lay hands on the sick and believe you to heal them. Give her the courage of Jesus. Help her to touch the untouchable, love the unlovable, and reach the unreachable. Help her go farther than she’s ever gone. You live within her. Help her to believe. Let your light within her be seen and felt by all. Help my sister, Lord, help my friend to be more like Jesus every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 11:3; Mark 16:18; John 15:8; John 6:37)


It's time you learn how to love in a deeper way.

March 31, 2019

“For the whole Law [concerning human relationships] is fulfilled in one precept, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself [that is, you shall have an unselfish concern for others and do things for their benefit].” Galatians 5:14, Amplified

One day while spending time with the Lord, I asked Him why is it important to read the Bible everyday if the whole law is fulfilled in one command to love? He responded, “There’s a difference between knowing what to do and knowing how to do it.” The Pharisees and the Sadducees of Jesus’ day knew what to do according to the Law, but they failed miserably in fulfilling God’s will. They didn’t recognize their ignorance, nor did they see their inability to love people the way Jesus did.

A car dealer hands over the keys to the new owner, and says, “Here’s your new car. Now, get regular maintenance and your car will last you a long time.” While the instructions are simple, carrying those instructions out for the life of the vehicle will require discipline.

My sister, God knows you love Him with all your heart, but it’s time you learn how to love people in a deeper way. The Lord doesn’t suggest it. He commands it, and with every command He gives us, He provides the grace and the ability to carry it out. Where He’s taking you, it’s going to require the discipline of unselfish concern for others, the discipline of allowing more love pouring in you and through you, but not just any love. You’re going to need the God-kind of love operating fully in your life. The love that looks past people’s flaws and sees their need. With the help of God, you’re going to need to discipline yourself to spend quality time regularly with the Lord so He can fill you completely with His love, and you can give it away freely. God doesn’t just want you to succeed in your walk with Him, He wants you to also succeed in your relationship with people.

Prayer: Yes Lord, I hear you. Thank you for caring so much for me and others. I come to you and ask you to fill me with your love. I come to you to learn how to deeply love others as I love myself. Teach me Lord to have an unselfish concern for others and to do things for other people’s benefit. Help me to discipline myself to come to you regularly because I truly need your help. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Study Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 7:12; Romans 13:10; Matthew 10:8


A Word from the Lord for You

February 24, 2019

“The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.” Lamentations 3:25-26

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, so you will wait for Him. He is good to those who seek Him, so you will seek Him. You will not lose any sleep. You will not bite your nails. You will not lose your hair worrying about things you have no control over. You will rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him. He’s going to show up for you in the midnight hour as you rest in Him. He’s going to work a miracle in your life! And when He does, you will have no one to praise but your Father God! Only He will get the glory!


If He showed it to you, He’s going to do it!

February 23, 2019

“That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Hebrews 6:12

One day while my son was busy playing with his toys I went into the kitchen to warm up some milk for him. As soon as he saw his cup he started to cry. He had to wait for it to warm up, but in his precious mind, he saw it and he wanted it now! So I responded, “I’m the one that showed it to you! Now why would I withhold it from you?” Immediately I heard the LORD in that statement and began to dance, sing and praise the Lord. His Word tells us in Psalms 84:11, “The Lord God is a sun and shield, the LORD will give grace and glory. No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

Everything the Lord has whispered in your ears, revealed to you by His Spirit in a vision or dream, and shown you, He will cause you to lay hold of it, seize it and possess it, even If He has to move things out of the way, give you favor with man, move mountains and open doors. He’s the one who showed it to you. Now, why would He withhold it from you? You will enjoy it and you will walk in it.

All you must do now is wait patiently. He will surely bring it to pass in His perfect timing and His perfect way!

Prayer: Yes Lord, thank you for every promise you’ve given me. I trust if you showed it to me, you will bring it to pass in your perfect timing and in your perfect way. Strengthen my faith and help me LORD to wait patiently on you. I praise you and shout the victory for all you’ve done and all you will cause to manifest in my life and in the lives of your people. In Jesus’ name, Amen.