Come closer.

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“Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world” James 4:8, NLT

When my husband and I are sitting on a sofa, and he is on one end and I’m on the other, I sometimes look at him and say, “Come over here. You feel distant.” And then there are times when I’m not talking or opening up to him. He’ll look at me and say, “Hey, what’s on your mind? You feel distant.” We as humans long to feel close to those we love, allowing nothing to come between us.

Maybe you are on the opposite side of the couch in your heart and God is on the other. You want one thing, and He wants the other. Maybe you are not opening up to Him in prayer. Maybe everything feels confusing in your life right now, and you have no words.

It’s not God that is distant. It’s you.

God is saying, “Come closer to Me. You feel distant. I can help you. I can be everything you need. This is not the time to distance yourself from me. Draw near and receive My peace, my comfort, my grace and my love. I won’t turn you away.”

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for speaking to me. I am sorry for distancing myself from you. I come close right now, and I ask that you come close to me. I need you like never before. Wrap your arms around me and let me feel your presence. Touch my heart and my mind. Strengthen me, God. Help me to abide in you. In Jesus name, Amen.

(Read James 4:7-8)

One thought on “Come closer.

  1. As I abide in Jesus he shall abide in me. He found me. He chose me. Did i get ot over night no. It took time wooing me. Persuading me i had to lern hoe to trust. My trust had been taken if there was God how could i have gonevthrough so much. Even then he revealed himself more and more. Till i could trust and obey. Transfomation from darkness negativity. Depraved nind and a wordly mindset. It tskes time a rebith . cleansing healing deliverence wholeness .my life had been shattered. Ivsat in shambles. He oicked me up dusted me off healef my wounds. Gave me his robe of righteousness he took my shame coat. He gave me a new name identity inheritence accesd to a kingdom I had not know. He becamevmy father whom ive never had. He sticks closer then a brothet . when i fell away he never ket me go. I had to read the word get into the word let it take root become medicine to my soullchange my thinking process. He gave me suoernatural revelation . otherwise i wouldnt get ithe illuminated everythibg with homy spirit. He was alive. And therefore so am I. Ee truly nevet knoe the people we touch or we have been touched. Ive been round kong enough now to know that truth. We are his living breathing word christvin us shines so bright in my darkest hours his light and truth shine ever so bright when im vulnerable humble he is there. Progess not perfection. Im human like everyone one else . i have value like everyone else . i just didnt know it yet. I am who he says I am featfulky and wonderfully made. He is who is says he is alpha and omega first and the ladt creator of the universe my friend savior confident father. Fisher of men repaiervof walls. And bromen dreams healer mybheart soul and body. Deliver from darknesd to light orotect defender lightd my path establishes. Me and gives me a firm foot. When im slipoingbh catches me. When i fall he oicks me back up. I can relate so can he father use me to shine ever so bright. And oiint to your grascious kovingvkind forgiving ight dispell the darkness within and without. Remove alk fear . let me stand in awe of you and reverence. Thankyou for your mercy and grace truth andvjustice for you kone are faitbful. We nevervknow who is watching . ourcstruggles our success. Where do i put my trust and faith but in you alone. You re my light my guide my counselor. You forgive me i forgive you. I was rejected and so were you. Iv rejected you and you loved me anyways you loved me in darknes and hate. You loved me in trauma and in birth . you know my lonliness emptiness you fill thatcdark soace you make me hapoy joyius and free you give me peace and rest you give me life. A place in eternity i carry a piece of heaven glory fire reign hope optimism to see things in a different kight to shed the light gou give me a hooe and a future. You still my restless soul. You give me breath. You are the air i breath you are my heart and kife and love broken whole forgiven set free amen thankyou i praise you and worshio yoy amen i speak of your loving kindness goidness mercy and grace you light up my life. Life is worth living again. You make me whole again amen

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