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Kesha Trippett

Kesha Trippett is founder of Daughters of the King (DOTK) International Ministries. She has ministered at women conferences and has counseled, mentored, and discipled many. Possessing a deep passion to inspire, revive, and unite women, Kesha launched Daughters of the King Daily Devotional on October 9, 2012, which is a writing ministry that has experienced phenomenal growth and international reach. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in Business Administration. She went on to graduate with honors from Word of Faith Bible Training Center and is a licensed minister of the Gospel. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, Bernard Trippett, and is the mother of five amazing children. Kesha believes in sharing God’s Word with power and in a way in which it is easily understood and applied in everyday life. With wisdom well beyond her years, Kesha ministers to women of all ages, race, and backgrounds. She desires for women all over the world to experience the love of God and the reality of His blessings in their lives. When she’s not ministering, Kesha can be found painting abstracts or writing music.

10734090_1007198809305926_1064280602342182712_nKathleen Watchinski

I love to write, I always have. I started as a young girl writing poetry and songs. It seemed immature and pointless at the time and as I grew older I always would journal whether it was a good or bad time in my journey. Once I became married, I stopped for awhile. I suppose I thought it was a “childhood thing”. I grew up knowing God as my Father and that He sent His Son as my Savior but it wasn’t until I was an adult that the importance of intimacy and having a relationship with maker became more clear. I am 30 years old and wish I can say that I have always been on the path that God purposed for me. Although He uses all things to work according to his plan only in the last few years did I realize that He had a plan and purpose to prosper me and not harm me (Jeremiah 29:11) and that I needed to stop resisting and start surrendering. Jesus started to draw me closer and correcting me in perfect love. During our growth together, He has brought the joy back into my writing and most often we communicate through writings. He most often blesses me with a song for every season that He brings me through. I love God my King and Father and I am preparing as a Bride for our Bridegroom.

Screenshot_2014-11-02-16-04-20-1Torah Howard

My name is Torah Howard.  I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama USA. I am the mother of three wonderful boys.  My life has definitely been a journey.  As a child I knew God had his hands on me.  I started writing in journals early in life as a way of communicating with God.  In 2012, I was given my first opportunity to let my pen shine.  I wrote my first piece entitled, Generational Curses.  It was my own personal testimony.  I was able to collaborate with two other writers  in a book called “Lost Voices Rising from the Ashes”. The book was published and we sold about 150 copies locally. Since then I have written my own devotional book “30 Days to Growth Empowerment and Victory”. I plan to publish in the near future. I pray that God continues to use my writings to encourage myself as well as those around me.

Samone-VailSamone Vail

My name is Samone Vail. I’m a senior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I’m majoring in Professional and Technical Writing with a minor in Speech Communication.I graduate in December of 2015. I’m a member of Eagle Saints Outreach Ministry International which is a apostolic/prophetic church. I have the desire to write nonfiction books which will inspire God’s people to reach higher dimensions in Him. I am a living testimony that God will show up and show out if we only yield to His unchanging love.

IMG-20141122-WA0007Stella Boakye Oppong

My name is Stella B. Oppong. I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. I grew up with church as a way of life, memorizing scriptures that I did not understand. However, the Word of God that never returns void to him proved true when I grew up and finally left the Christian religion and began a personal relationship with Christ Jesus at age 18. I currently reside in Hillsboro, Oregon and worship with Sonrise Interdenominational church. He who has called us is faithful and has said He will never leave nor forsake us. (Isaiah 41:10)

PhotoGrid_1420147372061Evelyn Suarez

My name is Evelyn Suarez, and I am a 32 year old Hispanic female, born and raised in Miami Florida. I am employed full time as a clinical supervisor at a nearby hospital. I am happily married with 2 beautiful children, a boy and girl. I am a born again Christian and have been relentlessly pursuing God’s will for my life since the age of 23. I am also currently a licensed minister and a young adults pastor at my home church, Cathedral of Faith Ministries in Miami Florida. I graduated from a 3 year Bible Institute and I am currently enrolled at Global University working towards my A.A. in Theology and biblical studies with a pastoral covering from the Assemblies of God. I am also a devotional writer, and have been writing for about 3 years now. I am also currently editing my first testimony & devotional book called “Words of Purpose”. I pastor, mentor and minister to women on a daily basis and would love to continue doing so through Daughters of the King Devotionals.

DSC_7065kirsi10x15Kirsi Karlsson

Kirsi was born in Sweden in 1970, but raised in Finland by Finnish parents. She moved a lot during her childhood with her parents and ended up in a small industrial town in Southern-Finland. Kirsi studied economics in the early 90’s and have been working in manufacturing facilities ever since. In 2011, she received her MBA degree from Wales University.

Kirsi became a born-again Christian in 1993 and have been travelling with the Lord from that day forward. Her life has not always gone smoothly, but each time she finds herself getting up on her feet again and again. She’s currently working as an interpreter and secretary in a small local church which her mother is the pastor of Ystäväkirkko (Friends Church).

She spends time knitting and engulfed in books. She enjoys music and sings in the church choir. Praising the Lord is especially close and dear to her heart. Her sister’s six children bring the often needed speed and noise into her life whenever things become too quiet and peaceful.

While she is divorced and lives alone, she spends time knitting and engulfed in books. She enjoys music and sings in the church choir. Praising the Lord is especially close and dear to her heart. Her sister’s six children bring the often needed speed and noise into her life whenever things become too quiet and peaceful.

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_IMG_9508Crystal Jewell

In Jesus Christ I stand today, and apart from Him I am nothing and can do nothing. The Lord has brought me through many addictions, mentally and physically abusive relationships, sexual abuse, and every lie the devil and world tried to sell me. I have been incarcerated in jails, prisons, and rehabilitation. I lost custody of my daughters and He has and is in the process of restoring not only those relationships but also has restored my family back as well. By the precious blood of my Savior, Jesus, I have been redeemed. I have been forgiven, have forgiven others, and have forgiven myself from my past. I have been made new and am a new creation in Him. He is my Husband, my Best Friend, my Everything. He is on the throne of my life. He has healed and delivered me out of all my troubles as He is faithful to do. He has allowed me to see through His eyes today. He has given me the mind of Christ Jesus. Old things are gone, and behold, all things He has made new in my life. He has freely blessed me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I understand today that everything that has ever occurred in my life He has had a reason and a purpose for. Every struggle, every dark moment was meant for Him to work out to the good.

photo(1)Juanita Ortiz

My name is Juanita Ortiz and I am from Colombia. I moved to the United States where I met Jesus for the first time and my life change completely. I serve in my church with the children and youth, and am part of worship too. I absolutely love serving God!! I have found that God has given me the talent to write and bless other people through me with His word and I love it!!! I have been really blessed with this devotional ministry and God has talked to me directly to my heart on many occasions. I desire to help change the world through this ministry and impact many people with God’s word.

We must never forget that we must be light in this world of darkness. Matthew 5:14-16

img_0809(1)Jasmin Stankovic

Thank you for the opportunity to share with other women of God’s grace and an abundant bless-filled life.
I am a very 
happily married to a wonderful man of God. As a Pastor’s wife, I partner with him in providing moral support and assistance in his pastoral ministry work. We have three beautiful children and an adopted niece and nephew who also live with us. I work and serve as the Women’s Ministries Director in of the Western Australian Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I am also President of the Perth Adventist Orchestra, a Christian music ministry focusing in sharing the love of God through inspirational music and song. My passion is to share Jesus with others through public preaching and teaching, as well as in small group settings, and one on one conversations. I enjoy assisting, encouraging, and motivating women to put their trust in God and to respond to The Call for His service.


author-brenda-dawsonBrenda Dawson

I am married, for 49 years to my high school sweetheart and we have two adult children, four grandchildren and one great grandson. I retired as a school principal after 35 years in the Miami-Dade Public School System. Currently, I serve as a lay minister for family life in my church and the Archdiocese of Miami. God’s grace and mercy throughout my life experiences inspired me to form I AM Ministries of Miami-Dade/Broward Inc. It is a not for profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to restore and empower the value of the Christian family.Women of all ages have been a major focus. As a result of mentoring teenage girls and the ongoing women support program, “Destined for Greatness” and the “Women’s Empowerment Hour Manual” and its’ Participant’s Guide have been self published. I passionately believe that women possess great love, beauty, power and special favor from God. We just need to know it!

meDumebi Jennifer Okwundu

I am Dumebi Jennifer Okwundu and I was born into a Christian family in Nigeria, West Africa. I surrendered my life to God in 1999 and within the same period felt his calling on my life to be a medical doctor. Although at various points as a child I’d felt His leading I can truly say He has never departed from me since then. Through my mistakes triumphs and storms He has upheld me continually. I am greatly privileged to be His.
I currently reside in Cape Town South Africa where I practise as a junior medical doctor and am raising a family.
As a medical student I served as a class coordinator of the Nigerian conference of Christian Medical and dental students(NCCMDS) in Enugu Nigeria where I found myself by his grace inspiring young doctors to be, under our vision caring for the whole man spirit soul and body. I’ve also served as a bible study teacher at our local church within the University of Nigeria Enugu campus. I am also quite passionate about writing and as a child scribbled down a few fictional manuscripts mostly romantic tales that never got published from the age of age 10.
Lately I’ve been busy managing the demands of my career with family life and I’ve found daughters of the king devotional to be my emotional succour as it has proven indeed to be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I will like to give back and trust God to use through this ministry of writing to inspire other women like me to be His light in this fallen world.

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I am on a life mission to encourage others though God’s truth. I got saved 3 years ago. I encountered God’s love which was life changing. He set me free from addiction, codependency, depression, anxiety. I am a work in progress (progress to perfection in the Kingdom.) I love to write, I have a Christian blog that I started to reach my unsaved family, and has turned into a passion and a calling. I am also an certified addictions counselor. I love being a counselor and I am in the process of stepping into that calling. The Enemy took too many of my years and I am devoted to see others live victoriously through His Grace. None of me all of Him.


img_20150920_144244Tammy A. Phillips

Tammy A. Phillips, born and raised in Washington, D.C. in The U.S., is a full-time missionary from Simon’s Branch, Inc., sent to serve The Jamaica Evangelistic Mission. She is the Administrator of the JEM’s Bible Institute and the coordinator for short term mission teams from The States to Jamaica. Tammy has conducted workshops for the JEM Sunday School Department. She is a member of Discovery Bay Tabernacle in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica.

Tammy’s association with Prison Fellowship, an international prison ministry, was for almost thirty years. Her service included managing volunteer programs and coordinating conferences, community services projects, and Angel Tree, a Christmas program for the children of prisoners. Tammy has conducted dozens of seminars and Bible studies in prisons and workshops for volunteers.

cricketCrystal Marie Kamyszek aka Cricket

My name is Crystal Marie Kamyszek. I am a married mother of 6. I have written and rewritten this application and now I am just about to wing it and pray for the Holy Spirit to speak, because I usually mess everything up on my own. I am 38 years old. I have been running from God for 20 years and before that I was searching for Him relentlessly in all the wrong places. I lost myself. I lost my hope. I lost my destiny. I lost my writing ability and my voice of truth. But He found me and redeemed me. He placed truth in my heart and closed my heart and mouth to the lies of the devil. He opens His blueprint for my life to me slowly. day by day, sometimes minute by minute…

12142025_1539263406363862_1086238770_nGabrielle Elisco

My name is Gabrielle, though most refer to me as Gabby. I graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I am currently working for a non-profit agency called Cray Youth and Family as a Foster Care social worker. I have worked closely with children suffering from a wide variety of physical and emotional abuse. Within the past year, I have felt a deep calling from God to begin writing. He placed a topic on my heart, which I have begun to collect writings for a book entitled, “Becoming Your Best While Waiting for His best.” God has spoken to my heart on several occasions and given me the words to put forth in this creation, as He deserves all the glory. My passion is to write, and that is to write about the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ. My heart’s ministry is for women, as I believe we are so very special to God’s kingdom. I dream to serve the Lord’s daughters as they so often need a touch of encouragement, inspiration, and a reminder of how much their Savior adores them and the good plans He has in store for His daughters. I have a heart filled with love for others, especially my sister in Christ, but even more so for my King.