Dear sisters of mine

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Dear sisters of mine,

Kesha Trippett here. Today, my husband and I will leave to return to the United States from our journey to South Africa. The time we have spent here has truly been life changing. God is true and He is faithful to His promises. He will never tell you something and not make good on what He’s spoken. My friend, you can trust Him.

While on a game drive out in the bush, I was surrounded with God’s creation and picture perfect skies. In that moment, as the sun was setting and the zebras were grazing in the wide open fields in front of me, it finally hit me that if I hadn’t obeyed the Lord by birthing Daughters of the King ministries I wouldn’t be here in Africa. I immediately began to cry because I see God’s handiwork and the rewards of obedience. Ministry here was powerful and life changing for every woman who attended the Arise Conference. God blessed me to make lifetime friends and I even were able to relax and have fun as my husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary.

Never doubt the Lord. His goodness is behind every command He gives us. My friend, you can trust Him. He has your best in mind. I desire more than anything that you will obey God and do what He’s asking of you. He sees your end from the beginning and He knows what He is doing.

I pray with all my heart that our faithful God will bless Pastor Wilkus and Jackie and the Nuwe Lewe family, Gert and Mariska, Marcu and Lerina, and Celeste de Wet for blessing us so profoundly. Thank you for spoiling us! We pray the Lord spoils you back!

And to those who prayed so fervently for this ministry trip, may God bless you abundantly in every way possible!

Love and blessings,
Kesha Trippett

Read Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. God the things that I have prayer so earnestly for I pray will come to past so. God you know the desires of my heart.

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