Divine Friendships

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“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” Proverbs 27:17, NKJV.

A divine friendship is a relationship that God forms between two people, of which He is at the center. As long as God is at the core of it, it continues to be divine. These relationships are edifying and enriching, and are a tremendous blessing from the Lord.  Divine friendships challenge your spiritual growth, allows you freedom to be yourself, pushes you towards fulfilling your purpose, and improves the overall quality of your life. However, sometimes even the most divine friendships can hurt and disappoint you, because we are all subject to make mistakes. When this happens, remember to keep small matters small, and always pray about the right time and the right way to express your heart.

If God was the One that formed it, He must remain in the center of it. Rather than spending so much time chatting about life, marriage and the kids, be sure to devote some time together in heartfelt prayer and in the Word of God. This will help strengthen the friendship and will protect it from the tricks of the enemy.

Together, decide a day and time to discuss these verses of scripture on friendship with your closest friends. Share what these Scriptures mean to you:
Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 27:17; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Prayer: Father God, I pray You bless me with a divine friendship. I pray that You will stay at the center of it and strengthen it with Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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