Don’t Give Up

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Let us hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering; (For He is faithful that promised;)  Hebrews 10:23

Those things that you have held on to in your heart, have pictured yourself doing, places that you have seen yourself going, and people you have seen yourself meeting, don’t give up on those dreams.  Hold fast to them.  Why would God put them in your heart, only for you to never experience them?  That’s not His character.  If He gave you a dream, He will surely bring it to pass.  His ways are unsearchable and past finding out.  You may have spent years wondering how, but it’s not our job to figure out how.  When it comes to our dreams, the only thing God requires is our faith and our obedience.  Don’t stop talking about it.  Tell everyone you know, “God has giving me a dream and He is going to bring it to pass!  He is going to give me the favor I need, the resources I need, and the knowledge I need!  I will see my dreams right before my eyes and I am so excited!”  No matter how big you can dream, God’s dreams for you are always bigger.  May your planning partner left you and the team you thought would assist chose to take a different path.  Know that any work that God calls us to do, He always sends the right people.  Even when your life takes a drastic turn and you seem far away from your goals, you’re never too far.  God already knew what would happen in your life and He has prearranged you to still get to your assigned destination right on schedule.  You steps are truly ordered by The Lord.  Never underestimate what God can do.  Don’t limit Him.  Don’t set borders and boundaries on Him.  With God, anything is possible when you believe.  Don’t spend another day merely wanting, desiring and longing.  Go after your dreams and possess what God has put in your heart.  Maintain your vision.  Maintain your glow.  Maintain your enthusiasm.  God will SURELY bring it to pass!

Prayer:  Father, You are my great and mighty God.  The dreams you have placed in my heart. I believe you will bring them to pass.  Thank You for helping me to hold fast and not let go.  There is work to do for Your kingdom and people to reach.  Help me go after it with everything in me and not stop until Your dreams for my life are a reality.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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