DOTK Live Prayer with Kesha Trippett

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Dear Readers,

First of all I want you to know that I love you, love you, love you, but God loves you much more! It is an honor and a great privilege to sit behind my computer and write devotionals that bless and enrich your life. I want you to know that we receive almost 100 prayer requests everyday through our devotional app and I am sometimes moved to tears as I read each one. I know you’re believing God to do what only He can do for you and your loved ones, and I want to help by standing with you in prayer. I would like to be your prayer partner that helps to pray you through no matter how long it takes. I believe through our heartfelt and fervent prayers, God will save your loved ones, bring healing and miracles, bring financial breakthrough, strengthen whole countries and bring revival to us all. I want to help pray you through to victory! So I invite you to join me every Sunday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time (USA) for Live Prayer I’m super excited to finally “meet” you and pray for and with you! Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Love, Kesha Trippett
DOTK Founder and Devotional Writer

One thought on “DOTK Live Prayer with Kesha Trippett

  1. The DEVOTIONS have really inspired my walk with JESUS CHRIST. Sometimes you are so on with your DEVOTIONS with my life. It is almost like JESUS is talking directly to me. Thanks for all your time that is put into this keep it up.

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