#DOTKFrance Launched!

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We are super excited to announce the launch of DOTKFrance! Glory to God!

We are thankful for our French translators:

Aude Pav,
Miriam Dias Batista,
Khandice Francois,
Georgia Eloisier,
Ndella Monique Mbutcho,
and Rodicca B.K.

They have teamed up with us to translate our devotionals into French and we are truly grateful. May God bless them for their labor of love. May God also inspire the minds of our French speaking sisters, revive them with His Spirit and unite us all as one family in Him.

Visit DOTK France on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Filles-du-Roi-Pens%C3%A9es-quotidiennes-1524728644507714/

The French Devotional will be available with two weeks!!!

#DOTKFrance #Inspire #Revive #Unite


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