22 thoughts on “Download our FREE Daily Devotional App!

  1. I have a new email address and would like to continue to receive your daily devotional . My new email is below. Thank You

  2. Please pray for my son Clark for God’s divine intervention protection and favor and for divine healing in Jesus name!

  3. Hello I recently got a new phone and noticed the app is not available to download on my iPhone, is there any way I can still receive the daily devotionals?

  4. I’m having trouble finding the app on my iPhone iOS system I had it before but when my phone reset now I can’t seem to find it in the App Store I love this app please help if you can thanks so much

  5. I cried when I opened my app to see Today’s word. I have been SOOOP VERY BLESSED by this ministry. Please tell me that you are offering a way to
    Continue getting your devotions in place of the app. My email is: sheilaarnone@yahoo.com, if email is a way I can still get it. I’m very sad it’s no longer available.

  6. Hi! Your ministry has been such a blessing to me and I would love to keep utilizing it. However, I have a new phone and when I went to the App Store to try and download the DOTK app it’s no longer there.

    Please advise. Thank you!

  7. Hello I am soooo blessed by your devotions! Tk u for being faithful to your calling!
    May God continue to inspire you and bless u all !!!!
    Cynthia Bassham ♡

  8. My email has changed, and I’d like to receive your daily devotionals at my new address. It will be entered below. Thank you!

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