Free from a worried and anxious life.

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“Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.” Proverbs 12:25, NKJV
God cares about the anxious heart and the worried mind. For centuries He’s been ministering to His people and calming their fears. Several times in Scripture, we hear God say, “Don’t fret”, “Let not your heart be troubled”, “Be not afraid”, “Be anxious for nothing” and so on. I would read these and say to myself, “Too late. I’m already fretful, doubtful, panicky, troubled, and full of worry. Lord, my heart feels like a shaking Chihuahua and I need a paper bag to breathe in!” But thank God He is so merciful and very patient with our growth. As I was preparing to go and get a hold of some anxiety medication, God helped me see the root of my problem: I perceived things all wrong. I responded to life all wrong. My thinking was all wrong. Talk about mind renewal…the Lord rolls up His sleeves and does a complete overhaul of our minds. When we bring our lives to Him completely. He changes things, tears down wrong belief systems, gets rid of false views, replaces our distorted views. It’s looks very destructive, but it’s for our good. He helps us see things properly so that we can respond properly to real life situations.
Today, I still have those moments of anxiety and fear, but I don’t live there anymore. I know how to receive God’s truth and my heart is made glad and put at ease.
You can pray all day for God to remove fear and anxiety from your mind and heart, and He will. But until He does the real work of changing your thought processes and renewing your mind with His word, you will continue to live a worried and anxious life. Receive His truth today, and your heart will be made glad. Receive a call to grow in your knowledge of His Word. When a situation comes up, ask yourself, “What is the truth?” “What does God have to say about this?” Those questions alone will be your lifeline.
Prayer: Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart. I could pray all day for you to remove fear and anxiety from my heart, but if I don’t let you renew my mind, it does me no good. I give you my mind, my heart and my life. Change it. Renovate it. Tear down what you have to and build what you want to build. Take my life and transform it. I’m yours. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
(Read Romans 12:2)

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