Freedom From Second Guessing Yourself

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Growing up, I always heard that I should let my “yea be yea” and my “nay be nay”, or in modern vernacular, let my “yes be yes” and “no be no”.  Then I would wonder, what if my yea should have been a nay and my nay a yea.  What if I wasn’t supposed to say yay or nay at all, and just respond with a nod.  As a result, I entered the terrible bondage of always second guessing myself.  It wasn’t until I saw others make decisions in a very calm and resolute way, and later stuck with their decisions, that I saw that something must be wrong with me.  Why did I doubt myself all of the time?  Why did the “what if’s” bog my mind down with every decision I made?  This captivity in my mind was something I longed to be free of.  It wasn’t until I began discovering who I am in Christ that His nature began to rub off on me.  You see, God is very resolute.  No one walks outside and sees a sun that can’t make up its mind whether to rise or set.  At creation, God didn’t say “Let there be light!”, then thought later, “what if I should have said, “Let there be a bright light!”  Light is light and He didn’t bog Himself down with the small intricacies of it all. He just spoke and was done with it, and He moved on to the next thing.  The devil tries to hinder our progress by causing us to doubt ourselves.  It’s called stalling for time.  He buys himself a lot of time in our life by getting us to ask ourselves a ton of questions before, during, or after making decisions.  For heaven’s sake, let’s make the decision already, and move on to the next thing God has for us to do!  We have a long life ahead of us and there’s no time to stand at the edge in life, wondering if we are ready to take the leap, or what if we fall on our face, or this, or that.  No, if God told you to accomplish a certain task, do it and move on to the next thing.  His gifts and callings on your life can’t be canceled or revoked.  God hasn’t changed his mind about you and so don’t you change your mind about yourself.  So when those thoughts come that try to tempt you to second guess yourself, put those thoughts in handcuffs by taking them captive before they take you captive.  Be free in your mind; free in your thinking.  You are the right woman for the assignment God has given you, and there is nothing you can do to change that!
“Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Anything beyond this is from the evil on.”Matthew 5:37 (NLT)
Father God, You were very resolved when you were creating this world.  You were resolved when you sent Jesus. You were resolved when you sent Your Holy Spirit, and you were resolved the day you came into my life. I imitate that by faith.  I declare I am resolved just like you.  I take every thought captive that’s trying to hold me captive.  I put the chains on it, rather than allowing it to place chains on me and hinder my progress.  I declare I am free right now to let my yea be yea and my nea be nea.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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