Get Alone So You Can Stand Alone with God

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“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8, NKJV

The story of my life used to be, “God as soon as I do this I will spend some time with you. Right after I am done with this we will get together.” Well, about 18 or so years later I was still busy doing a whole bunch of nothing. I fell into every trap the devil had set for me. I went down countless roads that led to a deeper destruction. I tried to figure things out myself every which way you could possibly imagine. I would say this substance or that substance was the problem, when in reality, I was my own enemy. Oh glory be to our Savior!!!!  I can’t thank Him enough for setting me free from that way of thinking. It was only when I made a decision to get alone with Him, one on One, did I truly understand who He was and who I was meant to be in Him. I simply made a commitment in faith to seek Him everyday first on February 20, 2012. From there He has spiritually changed me from the inside out. It is nothing I could have ever done without Him. I stopped trying to “figure” things and people out and allowed the Lord to heal me and deliver me from all those years of pain, unworthiness, and hurt. There is nobody like The Most High God. He is perfect in all His ways. I stand today as a soldier for Christ Jesus, delivered from all unrighteousness and cleansed by the blood of The Lamb. I have a purpose and am a friend of God. By getting alone with Him first everyday, I have grown to know Him. From there I have grown to love Him. Now I serve Him. The Lord is waiting for you to make that decision today. May you find Him wherever you are at.

Prayer: Oh Father, I pray that every soul who reads this today will be drawn by the everlasting power of Your Holy Spirit. I pray that You will rise up and do what they cannot do for themselves as You have with me. I ask this in Jesus name.

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