Get Over Into Faith

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“…The just shall live by faith.” Galatians 3:11b

The spirit of worry is sneaky. The moment we take a stand against it and say, “This is the last day I’m going to worry about this situation,” we can find ourselves worrying about spiritual things. “Am I alright with God?”, “Did I pray long enough?”, “Is my heart right?”, “Is God pleased with me?” We must understand when God said for us to cast our cares on Him, He wasn’t just talking about worldly cares; He was talking about everything including cares about our spiritual walk with Him. God didn’t call us to a life of worry, but a life of faith. We must not worry if whether we are alright with Him, if whether we are good enough, we must not worry about our inadequacies, our weaknesses and our faults. We must not worry about the condition of our hearts, the holiness of our lives, how we are going to fulfill our purpose, or about our minds needing to be renewed. We must get over into living by faith. We must shift our focus and begin laying hold of the promises of God and go after every redemptive right we have been given through Jesus. We must make our prayers Christ-centered and promise- concentrated. Get over into declaring by faith what God has said in His Word. Make a decree and watch God establish it in the earth. Fix your eyes on the promise, keep your mind on the promise, and your heart set on the promise until you receive it in your life. You can’t live by faith and worry at the same time. Get over into living by faith.

Prayer: Father, thank You for being my God. I rebuke the spirit of worry and cast my cares on You. You care for me. Thank You for teaching me how to live by faith. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

(Read 1Peter 5:7)

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