Get Up And Go

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“And the Lord told me, ‘Get up and go into Damascus and there you will be told everything you are told to do.’ Acts 22:10 NLT

In this passage, Paul is recalling his Damascus road experience found in Acts Chapter 9 to a crowd.  Sometimes in life God calls us to do something or to go somewhere, and we then hesitate or do nothing because we don’t have a plan or know how things will work out.  Did you notice that the Lord told him to go first and then (later) He will tell him everything to do.

God often tells us what to do in bits and pieces because if we are not obedient in “A” why should He tell us “B” or “C” … or “Z?” There are times in our lives, with the Holy Spirit leading,  we need to step out in faith and let God lead us one moment, day or month at a time.

I’ve experienced this many times in my life, where I have become overwhelmed or anxious, and God wants me to rest in His provision and guiding power. When God spoke to me about leaving the U.S., my family, job and house and move to Canada, I really thought I had hearing problems.  However, I knew what I knew.  I have also learned that we need to seek God for His timing and not our own. I remember seeking and watching God lay out a miraculous plan as I moved one step at a time. I watched him close and open doors  and grant favor as I arrived at those doors by faith.

I advocate planning but not without prayer and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit.  Proverbs 16:3 tells us to commit whatever we do to the Lord and our plans will succeed. Someone today needs to rest, take a risk and walk by faith and not my sight. Just get up and go!

Prayer:  Father God, I love you and desire to do your will for my life and not my own. You are faithful, and I can trust you to lead and guide my life.  I give you this day, my life and this situation and ask that if you give me the strength and courage, I will walk with you by faith one step at a time and you will lead me in the way that is everlasting.  God know the desire of my heart, and You will make all your plans for my life succeed. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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