Get Your Back Up Off the Wall

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When a popular American music group released the hit song, “Get Down On It”, in the early ’80’s, it shot through the roof. People from all over were running to the dance floor. Even to this day, the song stays in constant rotation on radio stations around the world. The song encourages you not to stand on the wall at a party, but to get out and dance. There are people that have no problem whatsoever enjoying life. They are not wallflowers at the party and they are not wallflowers in life. They go out and live it up! You may have received Jesus in your heart and now you’re standing on the wall wondering how do you embrace your new life in Christ and have fun at the same time. The Christian life is not boring. It doesn’t consist of just praying all day, reading the Bible, and trying to love your neighbor for the rest of your life until you go to heaven and enter eternal boredom. No, God didn’t call you to a boring life in Him that’s lived on the wall. Not here, and not in eternity. Come off the wall and enter into the plan and purpose He has for you. Travel and see the world. Throw a huge party, the kind where everyone won’t leave wasted. Go skydiving. Laugh until cry or cry until you laugh. Whatever you do, begin enjoying your life!

“Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” 1 Timothy 6:17

Father God,
Help me to enjoy my life.  I love to pray and study Your word, but I’m so thankful that doing that is not all this life in You consists of.  There are places to see, people to meet, things to do, planes to jump out of, and an awesome purpose to fulfill. Make my life fun and exciting, because even though You are holy and majestic, You are also fun and exciting!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A sincere thank you to our Daughters of the King Daily Devotional Writers.

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