God Has Not Turned His Back On You

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“And if by grace, then it is no more of works…” Romans 11:6

To be disgraced is to be out of favor with. Have you ever felt like you were out of favor with God? As though He had turned His back on you. As though He no longer loved you. Yes, you knew without a doubt He loved you and favored you when you were serving Him with passion. When you were excited about winning the lost. When you were serving in your local church. But now. Now that your hopes have been deferred, your dreams have been delayed and your prayers seem denied, what now? You ask, “Does God still favor me?”

Yes, He does.

God loves you. Period. Not because of you, but because of Jesus. He favors you. Period. He has called you. Period. His hand is on your life. Period. Even when you can’t see it, let your heart believe what your eyes can’t see. It’s time to trust in God’s character like never before. So often we want God to bless us like never before, but will you trust Him like never before? Will you believe His word like never before? Will you align your will with His? Many who feel abandoned have hearts that are not totally submitted to God’s will. They want God’s will plus their own. But that’s not how God operates. If you want to live free from all feelings of disgrace, submit to God. Receive the blessing that come from being totally yielded to Him.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for speaking directly to my heart. I’m sorry for doubting Your love for me. I know You love me. Your hand is on my life even when it doesn’t look like it. You wouldn’t call me then distance Yourself from me. You wouldn’t make a covenant with me and not uphold Your end. You wouldn’t go through all that You did to reconcile me to You only to abandon me. You wouldn’t make me Your daughter only to throw me out with the dogs. Thank You for helping me see Your love and Your grace. I love You and I submit to You. You know what’s best for me and I trust You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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