He Calls You Friend

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He Calls You Friend

“Instead, I have called you friends…” John 15:15b­

All good friendships takes time, commitment and effort.  True friendships are rare.  It means identifying with someone in thought, heart and spirit.  We have each other’s interest at heart and lay down our motives to be loyal and honest.  We can trust our heart with each other and can be emotional and not think we’re irrational.  We can share our dreams with each other and not laugh but help each other explore our options.  A friend is one who lets us vent when we are having a bad day and will still encourage us on our journey.  Most of us don’t have friendships like that.

Years ago, I was looking for this kind of friendship in my marriage but sadly realized many years later that Jesus is the only one who can fill that void and be that kind of friend.  Jesus is our best friend at all times and in all times.  Once we develop a friendship with Jesus, we are never lonely, or lack compassion, companionship or understanding.  He loves us and calls us friend, quirks and all, because He created us.

He will go with us through the ups and downs, won’t abandon us when life is tough or doesn’t make sense.  He will celebrate with us when God turns things around and blesses us.  I have learned over my life that Jesus is always there consistently and can be counted on.  He listens well and knows what I am thinking before I even say it.  He doesn’t always answer right away, because He knows sometimes the best lessons are learned only in fellowship with Him.

Just like our husbands or friends, good friendships take time and must go through many seasons to develop.  Go through all the seasons in your life with Jesus.  Use each season to draw closer to Him, and through it all, you will call Him friend as He calls you friend. That privilege goes to those who go the distance with Him, and through it all, you can truly call Jesus a friend. Let Jesus be your friend and get to know Him in all His fullness, and you will realize He is the one and only friend you can’t live without.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You that You call me friend.  I thank You that You are always there to listen, comfort, guide, heal and give hope.  I thank You that You don’t see me as irrational, emotional, or fearful, but as a friend that I can count on to go with me through anything and usher me into my destiny in You.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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