He will cause you to breakthrough!

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“The former things I declared of old; they went out from my mouth, and I announced them; then suddenly I did them, and they came to pass.” Isaiah 48:3, ESV

My sister, let me tell you what the Lord has done for me. I was feeling discouraged and depressed from all of the mounting pressures in my life. I needed God to do something. Have you ever said, “God, I need you to do something!?” That was me. I had reached my limit. Either I was going to breakdown or breakthrough. But thank God, just when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore, God suddenly brought victory in my life. He turned everything around in an instant! Glory to God!

Sometimes the enemy tries to make us feel like everything God has promised us is so far away. But God has sent me to declare today, because we live in His Kingdom, our deliverance is now! Our breakthrough is now! We have the victory now! The doors will swing open for His people now! It’s not far away or unattainable. Everything He has promised will come to pass.

The Lord knows your heart and He sees your pain. He knows what you’re going through. What He has done for me and countless of others, He will surely do for you because He loves you.

I dare you to believe. I double dog dare you to trust Him. He will cause you to breakthrough!

Let’s pray…

Lord, I thank you for speaking directly to me by your Holy Ghost. I need you. You alone are my God and no one else can do what you do. Only you can help me. Only you can save me. Do for me what I’ve been reading about in this Bible. Be my God, my deliverer, and show yourself strong in my life. I rebuke the spirit of discouragement. I come against all fear, doubt and unbelief. I bind the spirit of depression and anxiety. In the mighty name of Jesus and I loose your supernatural peace and joy in my life. Thank you for causing me to breakthrough. In Jesus name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 26:3)

Penned by Kesha Trippett

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