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“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalms 147:3, ESV.

One day my son was eating a hash brown, when he mistakenly broke it in two. “Mommy, it’s broken!!!”, he cried. Then he lifted the two pieces up to me, feeling upset. I then explained, “Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean it has changed. It’s still a hash brown, and you can still eat it.” Right when I spoke those words to him, God spoke to my heart, “Exactly! Just because My people are broken doesn’t mean I can’t use them. They are still My people and what I’ve called them to be hasn’t changed. What I’ve called them to do hasn’t changed.” Tears began to flow down my face.

Having your husband cheat on you can break your heart in two.

Having your trusted friend and confidant turn on you and become an enemy can break your heart in two.

Having your unborn baby miscarry or losing your child at any age can break your heart in two.

Not having the full use of your body due to sickness or disease can break your heart in two.

The list is endless of ways we all experience a broken heart. But my dear friend, hear God’s comforting words to you today…

“Let Me bind up your wounds. You are mine and I am yours. I will heal you and make you whole and complete in Me. Give your broken heart to Me. I understand your pain and sorrow. Let Me carry all of it away. Let Me help you forgive. My love flows through you and brings healing to every place in your heart, even broken places you know not of. As you put your trust in Me, I will use you for My glory.”

Prayer: Yes, Lord. I lift My heart to you. It’s broken in two. Please heal it. Mend it. Thank You that You are good and faithful. You have not discarded me just because I’m brokenhearted. You understand and Your plans haven’t changed. I love You and put all of my trust in You my heavenly Father. Be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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