He’s making you rich in experiences.

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“In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

Dear sister and friend, God wants to make you rich in experiences with Him. He wants you to have a treasure box filled with stories that you can share with others from your amazing journey with the Lord. However, you won’t have those experiences if you are too afraid to trust Him, too afraid to move forward from the past, or too afraid to make mistakes or succeed. God wants you to be able to share with people from your treasure box every lesson you’ve learned with Him, every hurtful experience that God turned around for your good, and every challenge that proved to be a stepping stone to greater things.

The Bible says in Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. It’s from your relationship with Christ that God will fill your treasure box and the picture album of your life. You will gain loads of wisdom and intimate knowledge that only comes through experience.

Prayer: Yes, Father God! Make me rich in experiences with you. Help me not to stand still in fear, but to walk with you where ever you lead me. You’ve brought me a long way and I’m not turning back now. Take me from faith to faith and from glory to glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. This made my heart melt, and tears fall, I felt to buy a treasure box for someone else, but then the lord impressed on me to buy myself one also, place all the precious words and promises inside, as a reminder that God is faithful, and no matter what, I can trust Him, He had never let me down. I have been through so much death, grief, trauma, and nearly my own demise in health, God has been with me through all. Was it easy, no way, sometimes I have hung on to a thread of faith and trust. However God was always on the end of that thread holding it and not letting me go. Blessings, for your obedience in delivering this special word.

  2. AK, I’m sorry you feel this way. My experience has proven, time and time again, when I hit rock bottom and have nothing I can do but trust God, He is there waiting for me. He has shown me such grace, forgiveness, and love. He has redeemed and restored everything taken from me. He performs the most amazing miracles when you have nothing to trust in except Him. Do I fall? Of course I do. I’ve even been known to lie about my situation out of embarrassment. In the end God forgives, redeems and restores. Next time I fall I will have past experience to lean on while I beg for forgiveness, repent and wait patiently for God.

  3. Experiences that make it impossible to trust him where I have to lie about what’s going on in my life because it’s embarrassing to be in this situation again? I’m going to die soon dealing with God and even sooner dealing with the devil.

    1. Don’t give up AK. God has so much planned for your life. The enem comes to kill,steal,and destroy. The Lord came so you can have everlasting life and to live in abundance. I pray for peace & restoration in your life. God loves you & I do as well. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Pour into God and Cry out to Him and see what happens. Faith without believing is dead. Keep ya head up.

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