His Word is Unchanging

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“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” Isaiah 40:8, NIV.

If there’s one thing we can bank on is the infallible word of God. While everyone around fails you, His word remains your anchor. While life is swinging without any remorse, His word is unshakable. While every plan and desire has died and is buried under all your past failures, His word is alive, active and well.

Life may seem like it’s crashing down and closing in on you, but if you stay standing firm on the rock which is Christ Jesus and abide by the unchanging word of God, you will overcome it all. It’s the word and the faith you put behind it that will get you right on over to the promise land.

When all else fails, His word remains faithful and true. Turn to it today, meditate on it, ponder on it and allow it to become Rhema—a spoken word—in your spirit. Cultivate your relationship with the word of God and allow it to bear good fruit in due season. If God’s Word is all you have left, then God’s Word is all you need.

Prayer: Father, help me stand firm on Your word. Don’t allow anything to distract me from the truth that is found in there. I am confident that Your word is all I need. I trust You Lord. Amen!

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