Identity. Purpose. Grace.

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“Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began” 2 Timothy 1:9, NKJV.

These three words, “Identity, Purpose, and Grace”, are key to making an impact in the earth for God’s glory.

Identity is knowing who you are. If you want to know why the enemy is fighting you so hard, one reason is because he doesn’t want you to ever discover who you are! Because if you were to somehow grab hold of your identity in Christ, my sister, you would be unstoppable! How do you discover identity? You open your Bible and you find everywhere it says “In whom”, “In Him”, “In Christ”, and “Through Christ”.

If you’re finding it difficult to discover and believe your true identity in Christ, one reason is because of the strongholds the enemy has built in your mind. Strongholds in the mind distort how we see everything…God, ourselves, and others. These strongholds are called strong for a reason and they can only be destroyed by the power of the Holy Ghost. The first step is to lay your hand on your head and pray, “Father God, I ask that you completely destroy every single stronghold in my mind that the enemy has built over the course of my life. By your power, level it to the ground in Jesus name. Then open my eyes LORD to see who I am in you and who you are in me. Correct every distorted view that I have of you, myself and others. Renew my mind with the truth of your Word, and help me believe what you’ve said about me. In Jesus’ name.” It’s then important to meditate on Scriptures that affirm who you are.

Next, is purpose. Why are you here? Once you discover your identity, it’s time to let God reveal to you His divine purpose and plan for your life. People of God around you will confirm what God has shown you, and no matter how big it is, you are more than able to fulfill it because it’s by God’s grace and power, not yours.

Then, it’s grace that you will receive from the LORD. Grace is the supernatural ability to do what you can’t do in your own strength. How do you receive His grace? You ask the Lord simply to help you to do what He has purposed you to do. His grace is always with you, ready and willing to help you!

Prayer: LORD, I thank you for speaking to me. I pray that you help me understand more fully who I am in you, what your purpose is for my life, and help me to fulfill your purpose by your grace and power. Be glorified in the earth and be glorified in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Suggested Audio: “Who I Am in Christ” audio reading on our DOTK app or video section on our Facebook fan page. It’s also very important that you not only hear Scripture, but read it for yourselves.

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