If you love me, you will…

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“If ye love me, keep my commandments.” John14:15

If you love me, you will help me pay my bills.
If you love me, you will give me your car.
If you love me, you won’t take that job in that other city.
If you love me, you won’t make me pay you back the money I owe you.
If you love me, you will help me with my kids.
If you love me, you will stay with me no matter how I treat you.
If you love me, you will co-sign on this car loan.
If you love me, you will help me not lose my house.

When Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments,” He said this without selfish motives. He said this considering His disciples, not Himself.

Today, we’ve taken this statement, “If you love me…” and created a source of manipulation and control. Don’t feel bad, I’ve done it too. I’ve said it without saying it. I didn’t realize how selfish I was being until I began to grow in my relationship with the Lord, and He began to show me myself. I tell you, the closer you get to a holy God, the more He’ll reveal what is unholy in you. He does this not to shame you, but to help you change. Every relationship that I tried to manipulate and control are no longer in my life because I wasn’t loving them with pure motives.

Let people be free to love you the way they choose to love you. Give without expecting anything in return. Love without fear. Live honestly. If you owe someone money and you said you would give it back, pay it back the first opportunity you get without giving them a hard time. That’s love. Love treats people right.

No more controlling and manipulative behavior. That’s not of God. Let’s strive to be more like Jesus everyday and love others from the right place with a right heart.

Prayer: Yes, Lord! I hear you loud and clear. Forgive me for being controlling and manipulative. Forgive me for only thinking about myself. I don’t have to behave that way. I am free to love without fear. I don’t have to manipulate anyone when you are my God. Thank you Father for teaching me how to love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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