Imagine it, then pursue it.

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When all you’ve known is a life of destructive habits, destructive mindsets, and destructive environments, it can be very difficult to see yourself living a victorious life in God. Because you can’t see it, you need God to teach you how to live. If you don’t reach forward into fulfilling your purpose, you will default to who you once were. It is a fear of the unknown that holds us back and hinders us from pursuing God with reckless abandonment. What does it look like for you to overcome and let Him have His way in you? What does it look like for you to live victoriously? What does it look like for you to walk in your purpose?

Imagine it, then pursue it.

You have not scratched the surface of the vision and purpose God has for your life. You have only tasted a portion of the kind of life He wants to give you. I encourage you to go hard after God. What great things you are capable of doing for God’s kingdom when you focus all of your attention on Him.

Prayer: Father, I am speechless at Your love for me. You love me and I am humbled. All I’ve known is a destructive life. Help me not turn to back in fear to what’s familiar. Help me to go hard after you, and your purpose for my life. You’ve forgiven me and now be glorified in me. In Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Imagine it, then pursue it.

  1. O Mighty God how You keep me. Any discouragment i may have God always knoe wat to say to keep me praising.. I love You God..

    1. Every day this word is my encouragement. I look forward to what God has for me in the walk with Him. I can’t explain how He uses this devotional EVERY SINGLE DAY

  2. My heart’s most earnest desire is to truly ‘go hard after God’! I really WANT to do great exploits for His Kingdom! I earnestly want to FULFILL my God ordained purpose in this life. I want to leave this world, as the late Dr. Myles Munroe puts it, ‘EMPTY’!

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