It is Well

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“Please run now to meet her, and say to her, ‘Is it well with you? Is it well with your husband? Is it well with the child?’” And she answered, “It is well.” (2 Kings 4:26)

There are periods when life hurls blows at us so numerous and with such frequency that we stagger in our steps. It may seem that we are not able to move forward or backward. We are given no alternative but to stand in the midst of the situation, praying for the Hand of God to hold us while the mercy and power of God help us.

This familiar passage is particularly the case with the Shunammite woman. When the woman’s only son became ill, he was brought to her. He climbed up in her lap and died. The problem was not just laid at her doorstep, it was laid in her lap. It was too large for her to handle, so she took it to the man of God. Regardless of her scenery, she said, “It is well!” Although our circumstances may appear to be unsolvable and our mountains appear to be insurmountable, we can always trust God to bring about a resolution and to strengthen us. We must develop an “It is well” attitude, not to escape reality but it permits us to overcome the realities that we face. As we journey through trials and tribulations, it is important for us to maintain a proper perspective on how we view difficulties, knowing that God has the power to make “well” any situation.

Prayer: O God, I am grateful for the tests, trials and tribulations that You have allowed in my life to strengthen me. Even though I am uncomfortable during the time of testing, I take comfort in knowing that You are in complete control. I thank You for allowing me to see there is always purpose in my pain and there is nothing that You cannot handle. Lord, You promised me perfect peace as I keep my mind on You. Help me to learn more of You that I may lean more on You and not on my own understanding. Let others see my life as a testimony of your power to allow us to overcome. In Jesus name, Amen.

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