It Shall Be Like a Dream

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“…when the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.” Psalms 126:1

While in prayer one morning, God gave me a song:

And it shall be like a dream
And you’ll say, I must be in heaven
Your light will shine forth
My Son will break through your clouds
My glory will be seen all around
And it shall be like a dream
And you’ll say, I must be in heaven
You’ll toil no more
labor no more
enter into the joy of the Lord
And it shall be like a dream
And you’ll say, I must be in heaven

God is good and He cares for you. He will cause EVERYTHING you’ve been through to work together for your good because you love Him and are called according to His purpose. God will elevate you. He will promote you. He will exalt you. Keep your hands to the plow. Keep serving from the right place. Keep your eyes fixed on your Lord. He is taking you higher and higher and HIGHER! From glory to glory to GLORY! From faith to faith to FAITH! It will be like a dream, woman of God. So don’t worry. Don’t worry how He’s going to do it.

You may have come through a nightmare of experiences, but God is saying to you today,

“I am turning your captivity, and you will be like those that dream. No more toiling. No more sweating, no more trying to make it happen on your own. I have ways and methods you know not of. You have not exhausted My divine resources of how to bless you. Trust in My goodness and in My great love for you! It shall be like a dream! Says the Spirit of the Lord.”

Prayer: Thank You Lord. I am overwhelmed at Your love for me and Your goodness. You are beautiful and truly amazing God. I worship you. I bow before you. Do with me what You please. Have Your way. Prepare me for the great turn around in my life. Help me move from the pain of the past and set my heart on Your great plans for me. I love You with everything in me.Be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

5 thoughts on “It Shall Be Like a Dream

  1. I just want to thank God for this amazing journey that im on.Im walking through the valley and He continue to ensure and encourage me to keep on walking in faith.Faith !!! The Father, Son &Holy Spirit. ..I pray thay He dont let Go of me because I can’t do anything without Him.God I pray u continue holding me by my right hand and The Holy Spirit live,love &think through me .Also giving me discernment, Of what is His voice and what is not.I ask The Holy Spirit continue guide me through this day and journey and protecting me and my children, friends,family,enemies all love ines and strangers..I ask God heal everything that is broken in my body from head to toe.I just want to praise God and give Thanks for eveything good and bad..I cast all worries and cares until you Lord..I need You.Please Help Heal me ..Thank You.Your Daughter Latoya Richardson.

  2. I pray for my sister Relissha Father God that you will guide her through the addiction and may you bless her and her husband with great jobs. May you be glorified through this. Amen.

  3. Dear gracious Father you have brought my dear sister Relissha to the end of herself and she has found You. I know you will guide her steps and you will be her provider and her comforter. Father, give her strength for this moment to move foward to the life you are calling her – one step at a time. Thank you Father for all your promises of a new life in you for your daughter Relissha, in the name of your most precious son, Jesus.

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