Keep Talking, Keep Walking

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Women naturally love to talk. It’s not just about words with us. Talking is an emotional exchange that we can take part in effortlessly while standing in line at the grocery store, or while on the phone with a friend, or while at the hair salon. We can spark a conversation anywhere, at any moment, at any given time. We love to talk. But if someone was to hurt us, we find that we can shut down emotionally and will often refuse to speak. But whatever you do, don’t close your mouth toward God. No matter how upset and frustrated you may feel, keep talking to Him! Keep calling those things that be not as though they were and you will see God move in your life. You may say, I have talked to Him and all of that but I still haven’t seen anything yet. But doesn’t the Bible tell us to walk by faith and not by sight (see 2 Corinthians 5:7)? Just because you don’t see anything yet, doesn’t mean that God isn’t working things out for you. As long as you’re doing your part and speaking what God says and praying to Him, you can leave the rest to God to work out. When you think about it, does it really matter how God is going to do it? Does it really matter how God is going to restore what you have lost? Does it really matter how God is going to restore your relationships? Does it really matter how God is going to provide for you? Heal you? Get you out of trouble? No, it doesn’t matter how! All that matters is that He is going to do it for you! Just keep talking and keep walking right into what God has prepared for you!

“We’re not keeping this quiet, not on your life. Just like the psalmist who wrote, “I believed it, so I said it,” we say what we believe. And what we believe is that the One who raised up the Master Jesus will just as certainly raise us up with you, alive. Every detail works to your advantage and to God’s glory: more and more grace, more and more people, more and more praise!” 2 Corinthians 4:13-15 (The Message)

Thank You for working things out for me. I’m gonna keep talking and keep walking forward while You make ways out of no way for me. In Jesus name, Amen.

A sincere thank you to our Daughters of the King Daily Devotional Writers.

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