Keep Walking in Grace

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

The more we have in life, the more we discover we need. The more we need, the more we have. May we not be so full of ourselves, that we have no room for grace. May we not allow our accumulation of temporal things to confuse our extreme spiritual poverty. May we not fall from grace because we fail to see how desperately we need. If not for the keeping power of God, we cannot be kept. If not for the wisdom of God, we are foolish. If not for the love and compassion of God, we remain strangers and not daughters. If not for Jesus, we have no Savior. No anchor for our soul. If not for grace, we are utterly powerless against a life of sin and can do nothing. If not for truth, we remain lost and in spiritual bondage. Our need is beyond great. Jesus started his Sermon on the Mount with “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” He wasn’t referring to poor in money. But blessed, happy, fortunate, and well off are the destitute and beggarly in spirit. Become so aware of your need that like Mary, you sit at His feet. Don’t allow thoughts of condemnation to torment you. The enemy is condemned already, but you are loved. The enemy is sentenced to spend eternity in hell, but you have found grace in God eyes. See your own powerlessness apart from the supernatural grace of God. See His hand on your life and live in awe of Him. See God’s invisible and protective shield all around you sister, instead of focusing on those fiery darts pointed at you. See your desperate need and how God has come to meet it.

Prayer: Father, I need all of You living in me, teaching me, guiding me, keeping me, pouring through me and strengthening me. Without You I am nothing and can do nothing. Help me see and stay reminded of my spiritual condition without grace. Open my eyes and help me see Your truth. I receive grace to keep walking in grace. I thank You and love You Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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