Kesha Trippett Releases New Book, “Inner Work, Outer Glory”!

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Dear Readers, we are excited to announce the release of Kesha Trippett’s new book, “Inner Work, Outer Glory”!

“Are you yielding to God’s inner work in you? Are you being shifted into a new level of faith and glory? Or are you still hiding behind fears, too afraid to yield, too afraid of change, and too afraid to walk in the glory of God? No matter your answer to these questions, this book will help you identify where you are, help you learn who you are and help you understand why you are here. Within these pages, you will find powerful encouragement, inspiring poems and several divine messages from God. You will be blessed, and the Lord will strengthen you on your journey. Let Him take you from faith to faith, and from glory to glory.”

“Inner Work, Outer Glory” is powerful and inspiring. Available for purchase at!


4 thoughts on “Kesha Trippett Releases New Book, “Inner Work, Outer Glory”!

  1. I receive your emails daily with devotions. Powerful, life changing and teaches a lot. Thank u and may God bless u

  2. “Inner Work Outer Glory” is a must read! This book is alive! I felt the Holy Spirit on each page reviving and energizing my spirit. It’s powerful, impactful and transformative. Kesha is transparent in sharing some of her struggles; however in her yielding to the Lord she found strength and is now showing others how to totally submit to Him and let His love consume us. I encourage every woman to read and get a copy for a sister-friend.

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