Learn to yield.

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“Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40 (KJV)

While driving one day, I was in the driver seat and my husband sat in the passenger seat. At the time, he was unable to drive. As I drove, he pointed something out to me that I wasn’t aware of; I never yielded. Whenever I came to a yield sign I always went right pass it. For years I drove this way, thinking it alright to use my peripheral vision to see if a car was approaching and continuing to drive if I didn’t. It took my husband explaining to me the law. He told me, “You have to yield or you can get a ticket or worse, you can get hurt.” I find the same problem in marriages. Wives are not yielding to their husbands. There is so much competitiveness among husbands and wives in ministry that it greatly displeases the heart of the Father. They try to outdo eachother, out preach eachother, outshine eachother, and try to see who can do the job better. I am here to tell you by the spirit if God, don’t do this. Learn to yield to your spouse. Let him pass. Let him shine. Let him do what God has put in his heart to do. Your time will come. Focus your attention on fervent prayer and on your responsibilities and God will bless you richly. Whether you know it or not, the dreams and desires in your heart are locked within your husband’s heart. As he reaches his full potential, God will bring your desires to pass. God designed it this way, so pray for him to get in God’s perfect will for his life, pray that he continues to grow in wisdom and grace, that he is protected and kept by God’s power, and shines with the glory of God. Become his number one source of support and encouragement. Learn to yield.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for speaking directly to my heart. I receive Your words of wisdom. Forgive me if I have not yielded properly to my husband. If I have not done my job as a wife and mother, forgive me. If I have been too busy trying to show that I’m anointed too, forgive me. I bind any spirit of pride and competition in my life.  I yield right now to Your Holy Spirit. Use my husband Lord. Help him maximize the potential You gave him. Bless him to continue to grow in wisdom and grace. Teach me how to be the wife and mother You called me to be. I trust my time will come. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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