Loneliness vs solitude

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no one likes loneliness
it sounds like what it is
none are happy there
none are happy where
no friend comes

but solitude
beautiful solitude
it’s a place
of sweet solace
you go there by choice
to hear yourself think
enjoy your own thoughts
and appreciate who you are

visit there often friend
live there even when
in a crowded room
your place
of solitude

“Cure my loneliness Lord or I’m moving back home.” I told God one day in prayer. Amazing how I thought I could actually give Him an ultimatum. The loneliness I felt seemed unbearable. I was missing my friends terribly while living in a new city. And while some are scared of bats, some are terrified of snakes, or maybe heights, my deepest fear was being left alone. Having to go alone. Endure trials alone. And so it goes with living by faith, you are challenged to face every one of your fears. Whatever you fear you can’t do, God will show you that you can. I wanted friendship, so He gave me solitude. He gave me something no one can ever take away from me–a friendship with myself. Friends come and go, but you will always have you. Every second and every minute. Through every trial and every triumph. And since you are with yourself most of the time, you might as well learn how to enjoy it. In solitude you learn to accept yourself as God does, forgive yourself, challenge yourself, love yourself and comfort yourself. You learn how to encourage yourself when you’re down. How to tell yourself to get up and try again. How to be honest with yourself. How to keep yourself humble when you have it going on. You learn all of the qualities of a good friend. The greatest friend to others is the one that’s the greatest friend to themselves. And until someone can treat you better than you treat your solitude, they don’t deserve you. When God brings you into a season of solitude, He has a plan to enrich you so that you can enrich others. He does an amazing work inside you to prepare you for the great work He will do outside of you.

Prayer: Thank You Father God. I trust Your plan. I trust Your seasons for my life. And even in solitude, You know what’s best for me. Enrich me Father. Teach me. Bless me. Add so much value to my life that I will have something to contribute that will bless others. Be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 41:10)

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