No More Cold Kisses

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“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” Deuteronomy 6:5, ESV.

I love you with all that I am
I want you to love Me with all that you are
I want both of your arms wrapped around Me
Serving Me with a sparkle in your eye
No more cold kisses, says the Lord
No more half-hearted worship
No more coming to Me only for what I can do
Is that what our relationship has come to?
Where you only want your mansion in the sky, but not Me
I won’t settle for cold kisses
And half-hearted worship
When I laid it all on the line for you
And gave My life as a sacrifice for you
Don’t you know I would have done it all if it was only you?
Didn’t I rescue you?
Didn’t I wash you clean?
Didn’t I remove all that stood between you and Me?
So, no more cold kisses
I can’t bear it anymore
Your whole heart is what I long for
Don’t you want all of Me?
Well, all of Me will cost all of you
No more
No more
No more cold kisses My love
No more half-hearted pursuit
Love Me with all your heart
And strength
That’s what I require of you

(Read Revelation 3:15-16)

2 thoughts on “No More Cold Kisses

  1. Oh dear Bianca, please know the intent of this devotional is a call to loving God with all your heart. It’s not meant to be harsh, but a loving calling to love him more fully. Only with His help can you love Him this way. We pray this helps. Love, The DOTK Family

  2. I must admit that for me this devotional cause me to question everything that I have been trying to do to reconnect to God the past couple of weeks…. if I should even bother trying to reconnect for fear of him seeing me is not really wanting him. Prior to a few months ago I feel like my relationship with God was a lot better. And prior to reading this today I felt like maybe things were improving but now I’m not so sure. Not entirely sure of the intent of this devotional… I believe that the spirit of God is trying to communicate that he wants all of us and not just a part of us. I just feel the harshness… A Love Me or Leave me so to speak. I hope that makes sense

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