Nourish Your Soul By Being A Giver

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By nature, most women are givers. We gladly give our time, resources, energy, and whatever we feel is necessary to improve the life of someone else. We can easily find ourselves spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal or hours at the hospital near the bedside of a friend. We spend our time thinking of how we can bless that co-worker who happens to be a single mom. We even find ourselves standing in a Hallmark store, looking for the perfect card to give a friend who is going through a difficult time. We are givers by nature, and being a blessing is in our DNA. The late Mother Theresa was the same way. She gave her life and ministry towards helping the poor and needy. Seeing children clothed and fed, nourished her soul; it propelled her forward into a life of continual sacrifice. God has blessed us with a special grace to want to bless people’s socks off. While the world is facing financial pressure and people are wondering how they are going to make it, don’t go against your innate nature to bless others. Loosen up, rather than tighten up. Follow your instincts to bring joy into people’s lives through your giving. Whether it is helping someone with their mortgage, going to visit the nursing home to sit with an elderly person who feels lonely, or offering babysitting service while a couple enjoys a date night, let nothing stop you from displaying the character of Almighty God. Nothing stopped God’s innate desire to be a blessing to mankind. He freely gave His Son. It brought Him great pleasure to bruise Him, so that we can enjoy a life of health, deliverance and peace. All of this was done for a world that rejected and cursed Him, but He couldn’t ignore His strong desire to be a blessing. Don’t hold back. Choose to be a blessing to someone. You can never out give God. When you choose to live a life of making other people’s lives richer, fuller, and happier, you will find that it will nourish your soul in ways unimaginable.

“…Give as freely as you have received!” Matthew 10:8b (NLT)

My Father,

You gave Your only Son Jesus for me and Father I am truly grateful. You have put in me the same desire to bless others, and I want to obey that desire more and more. Use me to finance your kingdom. Use me to invest into people’s dreams. Use me to bless families and widows in need. Use me to give to orphans. Use me to give of my time, talents, and treasures to bless others in beautiful ways. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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