Oh How He Loves You

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“He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies.” (Psalms 103:4 NLT)

Focus on God’s love for you. Rather than focusing on a person in your life or a particular group of people, set your affection and all of your attention on the love of your heavenly Father. He loves you and He is right there with you. You may long to be loved by someone you can see, feel and touch. You may long for someone’s embrace and comfort, and the thought of going to an invisible God may not sound like it will give you what you crave for, but God’s love touches and satisfies a deeper part of our soul than we ever could realize or imagine. One moment engulfed in His loving presence, is far better than any affection you can ever receive from any human being. We naturally long for affection and His Holy Spirit knows this and He lavishly pours into us the love we need. Don’t allow the mistreatment of one person to cloud your view of how much God loves you. Run to God dear. Let Him crown you with His love and tender mercies and satisfy you with good things. Turn your attention onto your heavenly Father and let Him love you.

Prayer: Father God, I love You and I thank You for loving me so much. I know You are real, but today I ask that You allow me to feel Your embrace and warmth. Holy Spirit fill me. Empty me of myself and fill me with Your presence. I look to You to do what no one else can do. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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