Press Through

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“Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard” Isaiah 58:8, NIV.

Sometimes there are no words for the trial you are facing. Sometimes you have nothing left inside to cry. Sometimes, even your song fades. In those moments, my sister, cling to the Lord. In those moments, hold fast to His word. Stand on His promises and speak it from your mouth. You may have to go through this time of hardship for a little while, but you can trust God that it is working for your good.

When you are weak, He is strong. When you don’t have anything left to give, His grace is sufficient. When you can’t see, the Lord is your eyes. When you fail, He succeeds. Daughter, do you not know, have you not heard? He is the Lord your God. He has everything in sight, and nothing happens without His knowledge. Yes, you may suffer for a little while. Even His Son suffered. He suffered and died for you for the joy set before Him. He died for your freedom and for your Salvation.

Cling to Him in this time and hold fast. Don’t let this pain cause you to stumble. Your faith will only grow as you press through. Like a muscle that is strengthened when faced with resistance. This is a time of growth and strengthening for you. There will be joy on the other side and you have nothing to fear. Although you may see everything shaking and falling around you, you can rest in knowing that all is well with you.

Prayer: My Lord! Thank you for your amazing grace and mercy. Thank you that you are my refuge in times of trouble. Thank you that you hold me in the palm of your hand and that you will never let me go. Thank you that your Holy Spirit resides within me, and that I have all I need to get through these trying times. Thank you that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that you have given me. Help me to rest in you. Help me to stop striving, stop worrying, stop fearing man. Lord, only You. That is all I want today. I pray this for every woman who reads these words. Only You. In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen

(Job 6:10, Psalm 38:17, Isaiah 58:8, Jeremiah 33:6, Malachi 4:2, Luke 6:19, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 21:14, Isaiah 43:2, Luke 8:23-24, Exodus 3:14, Philippians 2:8, Psalm 24:1, Genesis 16:13, Psalm 33:13-15, Galatians 5:1)


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