Put Your Prayers in Past Tense

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“…And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.” John 11:41

Jesus’ words gives us wonderful insight into how to receive from God. Right before commanding Lazarus to rise from the dead, Jesus thanked God His Father that He had already heard Him. God has already heard you. Already healed you. Already given you everything you need that pertains to life and godliness. Thank Him for what He has already done. Your situation will stay in your present until you begin to push it in the past. Some of us pray, “Lord, give me strength” as though God has left you strengthless. Know that He is with you and He is within you, therefore, you always have strength whether you feel strong or not. Since we have it, we can receive it by faith.  We must practice receiving from God what we already have. One day I was in desperate need for wisdom. Instead of praying, ” Lord please give me wisdom regarding this situation.” I remembered what the Holy Spirit had taught me, and I said “Lord I thank You that You have given me wisdom in this situation. I receive it now by faith.” Immediately wisdom began to flow. One day I felt like I was going to lose my mind. My thoughts were all jumbled up and I was all in my head. I said, “Lord, I thank You that You have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. I receive soundness of mind that You have given me right now by faith.” I tell you no lie. Immediately my mind became sound and focused. Put your prayer for healing in the past. “Lord, I thank You that You have heard my prayer for healing and You have healed my body by the stripes of Jesus. I receive healing by faith.” Don’t continue to pray for the same thing over and over. Stand in faith knowing God heard you the first time, and thank Him every time it comes to your mind and every time you feel symptoms in your body. The eyes of faith are always seeing the end from the beginning. What God did in the beginning for you will determine your outcome. We are called to live by faith, not by what we see, hear, taste, touch, or feel. We must live by what God has said in His Word. We can appropriate by faith every redemptive right and any blessing God has provided by thanking God for what He has already done.
Prayer: Father, You are my God and I am Your daughter. Thank You for teaching me how to receive from You. Thank You that You have heard me, You have healed and delivered me, and You have given me strength and wisdom. Thank You for helping me push everything I see in front of me, into the past, and walk in the victory I have in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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